Low-Tech Candy Erector Set

It seems that sometimes the best toys aren’t really toys at all.  We’ve all seen the little kid that loves the box better than it’s contents, right?

Or how a laundry basket could be a sled, a space ship, or when combined with a blanket it becomes a fort.

One of my favorite “non-toy” toys is using toothpicks and candy as a building set.  Dots or gumdrops work best.  The cool part about this low-tech candy erector set is that you can build whatever you want. Then take it apart and build something else.

When you’re done you get to eat the candy!

With a little supervision even little kids will enjoy playing with candy. If you don’t want them using toothpicks you can substitute uncooked spaghetti noodles.  The benefit to using spaghetti is you can break them into whatever sizes you want.

Give this a try! It’s creative, fun, and tastes great!


What’s your favorite “non-toy” toy?

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