Low Cost Souvenir

When we were on on our family vacation in the Wisconsin Dells this past Summer my youngest stumbled upon a great, low cost souvenir; the elongated coin or pressed penny.

Bigfoot Zipline pressed penny

Perhaps you’ve seen them before.  You feed the machines with some quarters and a penny.  The penny gets dropped into the press and is smashed and imprinted with a design when you turn the crank on the machine.

Wilderness Resort pressed penny

As a Dad I love this souvenir for many reasons.  First, it’s not that expensive.  The machines we’ve come across are usually 50 cents or a dollar.

Second, they don’t take up a lot of space.  Lastly, they won’t break! You don’t need to worry about it getting destroyed in the car or your suitcase on the way home.

After her first few pennies from the Wisconsin Dells my daughter went online to see where there are more penny press machines.  She found one at the Iowa State Fair.

Iowa State Fair pressed penny

There are also some along various stops on her Grandparent’s upcoming trip.  She’s tasked them with getting a few more pennies for her collection.

Do you have a collection of vacation souvenirs?

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2 thoughts on “Low Cost Souvenir”

  1. This is so funny! T and I started this souvineier traiditon on our honeymoon in Vegas and have continued it for all these years to small and big locations! I’m trying to figure out a good way to display them…right now they are all in a cute little container, but I’d like them out somewhere!

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