Learning How To Do It Right

It’s no secret. When it comes to learning how to do something new I turn to YouTube. That’s what I did recently to figure out how to install a basketball hoop for my girls. I wanted to get it done now so they’d have the whole Summer to use it.

I watched every installation video I could find… even those for different hoops than the one I’d be installing. Just for good measure I watched a few flag pole installation videos too. I figured it was pretty close to the same thing I’d be doing.

The plan was to dig a hole and cement in a metal sleeve. After the concrete cures the basketball hoop pole is meant to slide into the sleeve. That way it isn’t permanent installation and I can store it in the garage rafters during the winter months.

Creating the concrete form and digging the hole went as planned. After all, I was armed with a ton of information from YouTube. In fact, I was done and ready for concrete when my Father-in-law pulled up. He was going to help with the project.

Basketball Hoop Installation Concrete Form

Seeing the hole completely done I’m sure he felt as relieved as I do when I pull onto his farm yard and see an empty hay rack. Neither one of us is afraid of hard work… but hole digging and throwing hay bales is hard work that we’d gladly forgo if given the chance.

I was glad he was there to help. I had never mixed my own concrete before and wanted expert in-person advice on the correct consistency. If I didn’t have him to help, I would’ve probably enlisted the help of a professional like Pebblemix to talk me through concrete and the different types. I mentioned I was a concrete newbie as I was working up the first bag of concrete mix. He was surprised and mentioned that it looked like I knew what I was doing. All those videos paid off!

We got the concrete all mixed, poured, and the sleeve set and leveled. All that was left was the clean up.

Basketball Hoop Installation Sleeve cemented

I thought I was smart and put all the dirt from the hole into an old kiddy swimming pool we had laying around. It seemed like a good idea and a way to keep the driveway clean. What to do with the dirt was never covered in any of the videos.

Basketball Hoop Installation

In my mind this a good idea. I discounted using the wheelbarrow because that’s what I was going to use to mix the concrete in.

In actuality, this really wasn’t a good idea because putting the dirt in the pool created extra work! When we were all done I had to shovel the dirt a second time from the pool into the wheelbarrow to transport to the garden.

It would have been much easier to take the dirt from the hole to the wheel barrow right in from the beginning.

This isn’t the first time I’ve chosen the hard way to learn how to do something the right way!

Ever had a similar experience?

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  1. Good info. what to do than with the dirt is always a question. Even though sometimes it can’t be avoided to shovel it twice, sometimes there is a better way. Thanks.

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