Last Visit With Santa

My girls are growing up!  In the span of less than two weeks my oldest turned 13 and my youngest visited Santa Claus for what might have been the last time.

For several years it  hasn’t been “necessary” for my oldest to visit Santa.  She told the family she would just send an email to the big guy this year.

For my youngest, though, a face-to-face with Santa was still important.  So earlier this week, while her sister was at dance practice, we took her to the local Bass Pro Shop to talk to Santa.

Bass Pro Shop is were you’ll find the best Santa.  Not a Santa wanna-be!  We’re talking the real deal.  Snow white beard and all!


We waited in line.  It was fun watching those going before us.  Some kids smiled.  Some sat on Santa’s lap with a look of indifference on their face.  A few cried… and then there was the the infant in the line ahead of us.

He grabbed at Santa’s beard and went in for a hug several times.  It made all who saw it laugh… including Santa.

Santa with a baby

Then it was my daughter’s turn.  She marched right up, sat right down, and told him what was tops on her list.  It was a toy to go with her American Girl doll.

They smiled for a picture, she got a candy cane, and then it was over!

Many of my daughter’s friends didn’t find it “necessary” to visit Santa this year but I’m glad we got to go.  Who knows.  Maybe it was our last visit.

What’s your favorite Santa memory?

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