High Tech Kid’s Artwork

I’ve written before about different ways you can get creative with your Android smartphone home screens.  Today I offer up another tip that parents and grandparents will especially like… and it’ll work for your home computer too.

The tip is to turn your child’s or grand child’s artwork into wallpaper for your phone or computer screen.  I got the idea when I saw a watercolor painting that my youngest brought home from school.  It looked really neat so I took a picture of it.

Here’s the picture I took of it:

 Water Color Flower

And here’s how it looks as the wallpaper on my Samsung Galaxy S3:

Water Color Android Screenshot

Kind of cool but what was even cooler was the pride I saw on my daughter’s face when she saw her artwork on her Daddy’s phone.

What kinds of pictures or images do you like to use for wallpapers?


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