Guest Post – 4th Graders Support Earth Hour

Today I’m mixing things up and letting my youngest daughter share my online space.  When I saw how excited she was getting about something her class was doing I thought this would be the perfect opportunity to let her do some writing.  So here we go:

Earth Hour

The Fourth grade classes at my school are doing a thing called Earth Hour.

Earth Hour 2015 Poster

Earth Hour is when you turn all your lights and other electricity off for one whole hour or even longer!

This year’s Earth Hour theme is climate change. Climate change is when too much carbon dioxide gets into the air. In class we talked about climate change and the effects of it. I even wrote a essay on it.

For Earth Hour my class and I made posters and talked about different ideas for earth hour.  The official Earth Hour is this Saturday, March 28th from 8:30pm – 9:30pm.

Our school is sponsoring the Gift of Light program.

The Gift of Light is a program that gives people in Benton Palawan solar lights. Before, the Filipinos used crude oil lamps. If a child knocks one over they could burn their house down.

They don’t deserve to use these  dangerous and expensive crude oil lamps. They spend 150 pesos on crude oil. They need our help!  Our goal is to raise four hundred dollars for the gift of light. We have made $244.77 so far.

We have sent home slips and reminded everyone on the school intercom. The other day some kids and I went to other classrooms and passed out slips. I told them about Earth Hour and climate change. I explained to them if everyone in the school brought 2 dollars we would easily meet our goal of $400.

Even if we don’t make our goal we will still get to help people. You can donate online to the Gift of Light. You can make a difference!!!!! (If you make a donation online would you please leave a comment here so we can add it to our class total?)

Thank you very much and remember to turn off your lights and not use electricity Saturday night from 8:30 to 9:30.

Last year’s Fourth Grade class made it into this commercial that they’re playing on Nikelodeon. They are the one’s laying on the floor at 13 second.

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