What Gives You Comfort?

What do you do when you are stressed out or frightened?   You turn to something that gives you comfort.   A favorite Bible verse, a parent, a friend; they can all give you comfort in a time of need.

So what gives you comfort if you are a kid at the eye doctor who has to get dilating drops that sting your eyes?   If you are like my youngest this morning you bring your stuffed animal, Snowflake.

She’d had the drops several times before.  She was dreading it and knew she’d need comfort.   She wasn’t embarrassed about that.   She recognized the situation and planned ahead.

I like how young kids aren’t afraid of what others think.  They don’t care.   If the roles were reversed my older daughter may have wished she had her stuffed monkey along but would have never brought him.

I’m not sure at what age or why we begin sacrificing our own comfort over what others think.   I  do know this.   When there are times in our life when we are in need I think we should all be more childlike.

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