Food Memories

Being greeted this morning  by a counter full of dishes left over from our family Super Bowl party got me thinking about how my best memories can all be associated with food.

Whenever I have black berry jam, applesauce bars, or cream cheese frosting I think of my Grandma H.

Trips to Grandma R’s house usually meant Orange or Strawberry Crush, cookies from the freezer, and a butterscotch disk from the jar on the counter.

I can’t have a stick of Wrigley’s, Big Red or Juicy fruit chewing gum without thinking of my Grandpa V.

An apple or cheese slice always tasted better when Grandpa C cut it at Christmas time using his old pocket knife.

Our annual extended family camping trip is full of great food… especially the incredible pies my Aunts make.

Perhaps the reason the term “comfort food” exists is because food can be so closely tied to our favorite people, places, and times giving us comfort.

You’ve just read some of my favorite food memories… mind sharing a few of your own?

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