Easy Meatball Subs

A busy schedule means our family likes to rely on easy meals.  We really like ones that are easy to prepare, eat and clean up.  Meatball subs fit nicely into that category.

They only take a couple minutes of prep time in the morning before leaving for work and school.  They’re so easy a 4th grader can make them.

You start by spraying the bottom and sides of your crock pot with cooking spray.  Then open a bag of frozen meatballs and dump them into the crock pot.

Frozen Meatballs

Frozen Meatballs in Crockpot


Next, open a jar of spaghetti sauce and pour it over the meatballs.

Frozen Meatballs covered with sauce in a crockpot

Put the lid on the crock pot, set it to low, and you’re good to go about your day.  I like to have my kids switch the temperature setting from low to warm when they get home from school.

Building the meatball sub at supper time is just as easy.  Get yourself a hoagie bun, slice it in half, and pull a little bit of bread out of the top and bottom portions making a little channel for the meatballs to sit in (see picture below).

You don’t have to do this but I find it helps keep the meatballs in place instead of rolling out of your sandwich.

Hoagie Buns

Hollowed out hoagie

Now spoon in the meatballs and sauce.  Four meatballs is the perfect amount for the buns we usually get.  You can then sprinkle on some cheese if you want.

Meatball Sub Open face


I like to cut the sandwich in half.  It makes eating it easier and less messy.

Meatball Sub

One of these sandwiches with a lettuce and spinach salad and a piece of fruit makes a nutritious, quick, and easy supper.

A good thing about this type of meal is it’s perfect if your family needs to eat in “shifts” before evening meetings or practices.

You could also skip the buns and make a quick pot of spaghetti noodles and have an easy spaghetti and meatball meal.

I’m always looking for easy family meal ideas.  If you have some leave a comment and let me know.

What’s your favorite thing to cook in the crock pot?

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  1. We make a ravioli bake. Layer frozen cheese ravioli in a baking dish with spaghetti sauce and mozzarella cheese. Making layers like lasagna, top with cheese and bake. Our son likes it with pepperoni layers also. It’s another super easy throw together meal, and you can get everything for this at Aldi’s too!

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