My Daughter’s Rules For Using Facebook


Facebook is a pretty useful and fun service.   It’s allowed me to keep in touch with family and friends.   I’m glad it wasn’t around when I was in middle and high school though.   Those years were awkward enough without the pressures and headaches that can come with being active with social media.   Facebook is about to give me a new kind of headache.

Several of my oldest daughter’s friends are on Facebook.  Some have been using the site for more than a year.   I know this because my wife and I are online friends with a few of them.  My daughter knows this and has asked many times to have her own account.  We always said no.

That changed today.  Facebook isn’t going away and I don’t want her to get behind with technology so today we created an account for her.

Before doing so we sat down and had a discussion about her rules and expectations.

Here are this parent’s top 10 rules for his daughter to use Facebook.

1.  I have the right to close/suspend your account for any reason.

2.  Together we will discuss the importance of having a strong password and create one.  You will not change your password without telling me.   You change it & I change the wifi password (also see #1).

3.  Together we’ll discuss the privacy settings and set them accordingly.

4.  You will only share with your friends and not friends of friends.   You can’t be sure how selective they are when approving friend requests.

5.  You will friend your Mom & I and not hide posts from us.

6.  You will be polite in all your online interactions.   If you wouldn’t say it in Church you shouldn’t post it online.

7.  You will not play FB games.

8.  If you don’t know what a link is or it looks suspicious don’t click it.

9.  All pictures you wish to post must be approved by your Mom & I.

10.   Use the “Grandma Test” when deciding what to post.   If you wouldn’t share it with Grandma don’t share it online.  Remember, once you share something you have no control over what happens to it.

So what do you think?  Too strict?  Not strict enough?  Did I miss a few rules you have for your kids?   I’d love to hear your thoughts.

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