Corn Maze – Fun or Frustrating?

Every time I see a corn maze or hear about one I’m reminded of the time a several years ago that our family went through one together. It was one of the first times that I remember noticing a big difference in the personalities of our daughters.

The memory makes me smile now but at the time it made for a long afternoon.

One daughter wanted to approach the maze very systematically…. consulting the map at every turn and reading and analyzing every clue.  For her it was frustrating not knowing exactly where to go.

The other daughter’s idea of getting through the maze was to take off in a sprint.  If she hit a dead end she’d turn around and try another direction.  She was laughing and having fun.

Neither way was wrong but it really shined a spotlight on how different they each are.  Because each thought their approach was the best they started to bicker.

Their constant struggle with each other, the heat, and a maze that seemed to go on forever had us frustrated by the end.  As we emerged from the corn at the end I think we all said out loud, “We are never doing that again!”

I do think that it would be interesting to try a corn maze again… but knowing my daughters, I think the outcome would probably still be the same.

That’s alright, though.  There are many other Fall activities we can enjoy together.

Do you enjoy going through a corn maze?

Do you remember a particular time you really noticed a difference in the personalities of your kids or grandkids?

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