My Best Parenting Tip

I’ve never professed to be the world’s best parent so I hesitate to offer parenting advice.  I have seen the benefits of the tip I’m about to give so I’m comfortable sharing it with you.  So what is my best parenting tip?

Cook with your kids

Sounds so simple… and it is.  I was reminded of this tip yesterday afternoon when my oldest and I made lasagna.

Making Lasagna

First, and most obvious, you’re teaching a great life skill.  Yesterday, I reviewed chopping an onion, mincing garlic, and browning hamburger.

When you cook you learn to pay attention, follow directions, and a little math.  Both of my daughters’ first exposure with fractions came from measuring spoons and cups.

My experience has shown that kids are also more likely to take ownership in and eat something they’ve helped prepare.  Thinking about introducing a food your kid has never had before?  Have them help make it.  They might not eat a whole serving, or even like it, but you can be assured they will at least give it an honest try.

Perhaps the best benefit of cooking with your kids is the conversations you’ll have.  My daughter and I talked about things making lasagna yesterday that we never would have talked about if I just had said, “So, what’s new at school?”

Do you cook with your kids?  Did I miss any benefits that you’ve noticed in your own experiences?

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4 thoughts on “My Best Parenting Tip”

  1. Oh yes! And they can start very young. It is one of the best introductions to math for young children. One spoon of this, two of that etc. And when my kids were in upper elementary in the summer, when we had more time, I had them plan and prepare a whole meal (with my help, of course, until they could do it on their own). The planning was also a good thing for them.

  2. Thanks for your thoughts, Sharon. That’s a good idea about including them in the planning! We try and do that too but you’re right, it’s easier in the summer.

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