Benefit Of Teaching Your Kids To Cook

I’ve already shared what I believe to be my best parenting tip… cooking with your kids.  Cook with them enough times and they’ll start to get good and gain confidence.  That’s when you’ll be rewarded for your efforts.

Yesterday, the weather in our area wasn’t the greatest.   My wife had the day off, Church was cancelled, and we found ourselves with the opportunity for a lazy family Sunday.

While the rest of the family stayed in bed and got a good start on being lazy our oldest, age 12,  took it upon herself to make the family breakfast.  A real breakfast too.  Pancakes, eggs, and sausage!  It was a great start to the day.

The food looked and tasted wonderful.  That wasn’t the best part, though. The best part was seeing the pride my daughter took in her accomplishment.  She knew she had made everything all by herself without any input from Mom and Dad and it made her feel good about herself.

It also boosted her confidence in the kitchen.   Can’t wait to see what she makes for the family next.

What’s the first meal your children made all by themselves?


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