App Review: Our Groceries

I’ve done app reviews before and now I’m back with another one.  If you’ve checked out my “Android Apps I Recommend” page you’ve seen this app but I decided it’s so useful it deserved it’s own review.

Today I’m taking a closer look at the app Our Groceries.  It’s one my wife and I use a lot.  Its available for both Android and iPhone users.

The Our Groceries app allows you to create a shopping list and sync it with someone else.  Sync… as in one list available on different devices.

My wife and I can create a shopping list for our favorite grocery store in the Our Groceries app.  Then when we get to the store we can head our separate ways and tackle the list.  Maybe she hits the produce section while I start in on the cold stuff.

Our Groceries List

Whenever either of us puts an item on our list in our carts we check it off in the app. It automatically syncs with the others phone.

Our Groceries List Checked Off

You can use it for more than just groceries.  One way we’ve used the app is for school supplies.  When we get each daughter’s list we create a list in the Our Groceries app. This makes it easy to get what they need when we’re shopping the back to school deals.

You could also use it to create a list of jobs your kids need to do. They could open the app to see what needed to be done and check it off when done.

We’ve also created a Christmas list for each of our daughters. Whenever we come across a gift idea we add it to the list.

This app would work for any type of list you need to create and check off.  If you need to share it with someone else the sync capabilities make it even better.

There are both free versions and a paid version that removes the ads.  If you don’t already have a favorite list making app you should really check out Our Groceries.

What’s your favorite grocery or list app?

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