A Lesson In Patience

We live in a need it now, microwave, Google the answer to know instantly kind of society.  This week our family learned a little lesson in patience as we went through all the steps of getting a basketball hoop.

We’ve talked about getting a basketball hoop for our family for a few years now but just never got around to getting it done.  With the Summer fast approaching my wife and I decided it was time… and if we didn’t do it now it would get pushed back another year.

We did a lot of research online to narrow down our options. Spending a couple thousand dollars for a fancy hoop was out of the question.  Amazon reviews were helpful and we decided on the one to get.

The way our driveway and fence are positioned getting a portable hoop with a base you fill with sand was out of the question.  Putting it in the ground was the way to go.  To make it easier we got a sleeve to cement into the ground.  Then the hoop pole slides into it.  Makes it less permanent.

The plan was to dig the hole and cement in the sleeve on Memorial Day and then put the hoop up 5 or 6 days later.

Basketball Hoop Installation Concrete Form

Basketball Hoop Installation Sleeve cemented

Thats how it all went down so there was plenty of anticipation… and waiting.

Today was the day to put it together.  It took longer than I thought and the wait was driving my youngest daughter crazy.  She wanted to shoot hoops and she wanted to shoot them now.

Finally… after nearly two weeks of waiting (from the time we ordered the hoop to it being finished) it was time.  As the Dad, and one who spent the afternoon putting it together, I got to take the first shot. Then it was game on! Some neighborhood kids even got in on the fun.

Basketball hoop

It was nice to sit on our deck and hear the sound of laughter and dribbling basketballs coming from our driveway.

I look forward to coming home after a hard day at work and clearing my head by shooting some baskets with my girls.

Ever have a project that took awhile to complete but it was worth it when it was all done?

Patience is bitter, but its fruit is sweet. - Jean-Jacques Rousseau Click To Tweet
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