5 Photos: 5 Stories – Part 3

This is the 3rd installment of a blogging challenge I’m taking part of. Be sure and check out pictures one and two.  The rules of the challenge accompany the first photo.

Today’s picture is a reminder for me that it’s OK to cut loose and have some fun every once in awhile.

Cans of Silly String

For her 10th birthday party my youngest wanted to have a sleepover with 7 of her friends.  The girls in her class are all great friends so having that many over at one time really didn’t scare me.

Plus, as the Dad, I had two jobs.  Stay in my room… and make the popcorn when it was movie time.

My daughter had picked out the potential movies to watch.  She knew they’d want to paint their nails and that she wanted to serve fresh fruit pizza as a snack.

The other thing she really wanted to do was have a silly string fight in the backyard.  I wasn’t too sure about this one.

The worrier in me came out.  “What if one of the girls gets some string in their eye? What if it stains their clothes? How big a mess is this gonna make,” were all thoughts that ran through my head.

My wife assured me it would be fine.  Then there was the cost.  At 3 bucks a can that added up to 24 dollars for a few moments of fun. Would it really be worth it?

Once again my wife stepped in.  She pointed out how little having the party at our home was actually costing.  Not to mention the fact that this silly string fight was a high priority for our daughter.

Seeing her points I agreed that we should go ahead and get the silly string.  I’m glad we did too!

Those girls had an absolute blast.  It was 5 minutes of giggles, squeals, and laughter.  My wife and I watched from up above on our deck and laughed along with them.

None of my fears came true. No one got hurt, no clothing was harmed, and here’s the cool thing… the girls had fun picking up the used string and mashing it into a big ball.  That’s right. No clean up for me.

This whole thing taught me that sometimes you need to cut loose and have fun… and also that, within reason and within budget, you can’t really put a price on fun!

Today I’m challenging my friend Coral from Coral’s Country to join in this blogging challenge. Bet she has some fun pictures and stories to share!


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