10 Ways My Family Saves Money

Many years ago after my wife’s job moved out of state we made the decision that she’d stay home with our kids.  It was the right call for our family but to make it work we needed to make some lifestyle changes to save money.  I thought I’d share some some of those with you.

10 Ways My Family Saves Money

  1. I cut my own hair.  Usually every Sunday morning before Church. There was an initial cost of the clippers but it was recouped quickly. Here are the clippers I got.
  2. We take advantage of the public library.  There are so many offerings at the library;  books, audio books, music, movies… even ebooks.
  3. We buy extras of great grocery store bargains to keep a stocked pantry.
  4. We plan our weekly meals based on the specials offered at our local grocery stores (and what we have in our pantry).
  5. We shop 2 different grocery store chains each week getting the best deals at each.
  6. We create our own convenience items.  Examples would be our homemade breakfast burritos or buying big cans of fruit and making our own individual servings. We do the same with blocks of cheese making cheese sticks.  When our girls were younger we even made our own single serving cups of pudding and jello.
  7. We got rid of our landline. Originally we ported our landline number to and added cell line.  This saved us $20 a month.
  8. We cut the cable/satellite.  We still pay for Amazon Prime and Netflix but are spending much, much less each month than when we had been spending on satellite TV.
  9. Coupons.  We use coupons and match them with the weekly deals at the grocery stores we shop.  If the coupons in the Sunday paper are particularly good we’ll buy multiple copies.  There are even websites my wife goes to with coupons she can print. She likes visiting sites like cashcoup to find some great coupons and deals. My wife keeps 2 different binders filled with baseball card holding sleeves to sort and store all the coupons.
  10. We pack our own lunches.  No eating out or fast food for us.  It’s cheaper and healthier.

What are some ways your family saves money?


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