You Gotta Start Somewhere

I’ve been thinking about starting a blog for quite awhile but there was always a nagging voice in my head telling me reasons not to do it. “You’ll never be able to figure out how to get it on the web. It’ll take too much time. No one will care what you have to say.” This is what the negative voice would say each time I thought about it. I finally came to the conclusion that it didn’t matter whether anyone would read or care about my blog as long as I had fun figuring it out. So I started to look into different blog name generator options on the web to see if it could pique my interest in what I should call my very first blog!

Once the decision was made to start this blog I did a lot of research. My friend suggested that I look at for hosting solutions information which was fun to learn about. The one bit of advice that kept popping up was to write about what you are passionate about. That’s how I came up with the title, “Faith, Family, and Technology”.

Faith came first because it’s the most important. In anything, if you lead with faith the rest will fall into place.

Next came family… because after faith they matter most. My wife and I love being involved in our daughters’ lives and seeing them grow, learn, and become the people God had planned.

Lastly, I went with technology. I love gadgets, gizmos, remotes, and all things Android. In fact I’ll probably have a post or two on Android tips, tricks, and app reviews.

It appears my first blog is in the books. Take that negative voice in my head.

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