Weekly Verse – The Rusty Skillet

Five or six years ago I bought a large cast iron skillet.  The thought at the time was that it would be perfect for making breakfasts on our annual family reunion camping trip.  I had always heard how good cast iron was for cooking.

It came “pre-seasoned” so we took it camping and I cooked a pound of bacon in it followed by a dozen scrambled eggs.  They burned and I cleaned the skillet as best as I could at the time.  When we got home it got hung on a nail in our laundry room and that’s where it stayed for years.

Recently, I decided to try and get that skillet back into useable shape.  It was dirty and rusty.  I read up on what I needed to do. A little elbow grease, sweat, and some steel wool and it was looking good.

A couple of thin coats of oil and heating it several times in the oven had it better than new and ready to use.  I went back to bacon for the first time using it after it was all fixed up.

Next came turkey burgers, fried sausage and potatoes, mushrooms and onions, and most recently, chicken fajitas.

Cast iron skillet filled with fajita fixings

It’s working well and developing the dark shine that comes to cast iron the more you use it.

While I was working on cleaning it up I couldn’t help but think of the similarities of that cast iron skillet and our relationship with God.

No matter how long we neglect our faith he will always welcome us back.

No matter how “dirty or rusty” our lives become they can always be made new.

Given time, attention, and continual use the skillet gets better and easier to use. Given time, attention, and continual reading of the Bible and prayer our faith becomes stronger.

It’s because of our revived rusty skillet that I chose this week’s Bible verse:  2 Corinthians 5:17 (ESV). I hope you enjoy it… and that it gives you hope.

“Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, he is a new creation. The old has passed away; behold, the new has come.”

2 Corinthians

As long as I was talking about our skillet I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to share a song from the band Skillet. They’re one of my favorite bands.  It’s a song called “Rebirthing” and it fits with this week’s verse.

Lead singer, John Cooper, explained the meaning behind the song:

“It’s just a song about second chances and I think we’re living in a time now where a lot of people don’t think that they deserve a second chance. You know, whether that’s a second chance at life, or at a relationship, or when they think they’ve screwed something up too bad. And in this song it’s basically saying it’s never too late to start all over again, it’s a message of hope and a lot of people aren’t feeling very hopeful these days in our world.”

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