Weekly Verse – Joy

My last weekly verse was all about smiles.  This week’s verse kind of ties into that theme as well.  It’s all about joy.

This past weekend my youngest daughter’s softball team competed in the state tournament.  Six games over the course of 3 days on a weekend where the sun shined bright and the temperatures soared well over 90 degrees.

They started the tournament playing well but fell behind in the score several times.  Undeterred, they kept their spirits up and fought back time and again.

As a parent, I really appreciated a few things about their coaching and their style of play.

The kept a positive attitude throughout the weekend.  They kept encouraging each other and lifting each other up.  When things looked a little bleak they worked together to do something to swing the momentum and score back in their favor.

By the end of the weekend, they found themselves in the championship game… something I’m not sure they would’ve thought possible when they started the tournament.

Again, they dug themselves into a hole… but they battled back forcing extra innings and taking the lead by 1 run.  They were 3 outs away from winning and they were pumped up!

I think us parents in the stands were more nervous than our players on the field.

One out. Then two outs.  The final out was a blur but when it happened our girls erupted on the field and all the parents jumped up from the bleachers and threw our fists in the air.  I know this because a friend of the team shared a video of the parent’s reaction on Facebook. 

There was hugs, smiles, and laughter as they were presented with the championship trophy.  Each player also got a gold championship ring too! 

I can only describe the scene as pure joy.  Joy for the players.  Joy for the coaches.  Joy for the parents!  It’s in the spirit of joy that I selected this week’s verse!  Psalm 118:4.

This is the day that the Lord has made; let us rejoice and be glad in it. 

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