Weekly Verse – Feeling Blessed

Each year at this time I’m reminded just how lucky and blessed I really am.  You see, earlier this week my radio station had our 19th Annual Radiothon for Variety.

It’s a two-day event where we raise money for the Compassion Fund.  It’s a fund that social workers, doctors, and nurses at local hospitals have direct access to when they see a patient/family in need.

Over the course of the two days, we heard and shared story after story of what those needs might be.  One particular story struck me a little harder than the rest.

It was of a family with a very sick child in the hospital.  The mother loses her job because she’s staying with the kid in the hospital.  The father keeps working and staying at their home more than an hour away.  Money gets tight.  There isn’t enough money for gas for regular trips to the hospital, and they can’t pay their cell phone bill.

I can’t even imagine that! To have a sick child would be terrible.  To not be able to be there would be hard enough… but to not have a way to keep in contact with them through it all is unimaginable.  The Compassion Fund covered their cell bill for a month or two.

At the end of the radiothon I was counting my blessings.  My kids are healthy, my wife and I have jobs, and our listeners raised $119,081.  God is good.

But blessed is the one who trusts in the Lordwhose confidence is in him. – Jeremiah 17:7 NIV

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