Weekly Verse – Community

We’re coming off of a long (but fun) Homecoming Week.  Lots of fun traditions and plenty of opportunities for all the towns in our district to come together to celebrate our school and our students.

At both Spirit Night and the Friday night football game I noticed and felt a true sense of community.  The gym and bleachers were packed with family, friends, and neighbors.

I’ve been to many football games and activities in our gym but there’s just something different about Homecoming.  The atmosphere is a little more electric.

Everyone is happy to see everyone else.  Smiles abound.  Lots of catching up with folks you haven’t seen in awhile.

This feeling of “community” lead to a Bible verse to share this week; Romans 15:7 (ESV).

“Therefore welcome one another as Christ has welcomed you, for the glory of God.”


Book Of Romans

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