Thank A Nurse

This week is Nurse’s Week. I think it’s great that nurses get their own week. Anyone that’s ever known a nurse (and who doesn’t know at least one) knows what a hard working, dedicated group they are.

The working conditions aren’t the greatest for nurses. Long hours on their feet and everyday there’s the chance they’ll get pooped on, peed on, or puked on.

My mom is a nurse. I have other relatives that are nurses too, so I’ve seen the emotional rollercoaster a nursing career can bring. The joy nurses feel celebrating with a patient who just received good test results. The sadness that comes with the passing of a patient they’ve come to know and care for.

Rarely ever do they get all the credit they deserve. The nurses at the births of both our daughters worked their butts off before and after the delivery only to have the doctors show up at the last minute.

There’s a good chance a nurse was there when you were born and one will probably be near when you’re on your deathbed. So this week be sure to thank every nurse you know.

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