Spending or Investing?

Spending and investing… two words that I’ve always associated with money, those that buy bitcoin would understand. Even keeping tabs on their investments and spending most of their time looking to find out all about cryptocurrency at btcnn.com or some other financial outlet so they can make sure that their investments are put to good use. Something that I read last night now has me associating those words with something else: time.

For Lent this year I gave up watching television each night from 9-10 and instead have chosen to use the hour for reading. One of the books I’m currently reading is Dan Miller’s48 Days To The Work You Love“.

In chapter 4 he made a statement and asked a question that got me thinking. In fact, I should probably go back and re-read the rest of the chapter as I couldn’t stop from thinking about the question. This is what he wrote, “Time is the only resource you can never recapture. Are you spending or investing your time?”

Definitely something to think about. There are parts to my day where my time has just been spent. The biggest offender would be my commute. However, I am beginning to change that over to investing by listening to educational and inspirational podcasts. I also realize now what a big waste of time watching television can be.

The parts of my day where my time is being used as a good investment? Or sustainable investing is the best way to spend my day? The time spent with my family. Evening meals at the dinner table. Time spent helping my kids with their homework or projects. The time I spend writing my thoughts here and now an extra hour each day to read.

There are 168 hours in every week. Are you spending a majority of it or are you investing it?

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11 thoughts on “Spending or Investing?”

    1. I’m only through chapter 4 but would recommend it based off what I’ve read so far . It’s given me a lot to think about already.

  1. Love this! Time on the internet is a big one for me. It will often start as investing (banking, communication with loved ones etc) but then turn to just spending. I tend to use reminder notes to help keep me on track. Going to put “Invest” on my computer right now!

  2. A while back, after watching a so-so movie, I thought, “that was 2 hours of my life, I’ll never get back”. I’m trying to choose to watch a few things I really like, then shut it off. Still sometimes get sucked in to watching something stupid.

  3. It is amazing what you can do with this natural resource when you intentionally consider it. Thanks for the reminder that it is all about priorities. The statement, “I don’t have time”, doesn’t really resonate with me. If you care about something enough, you can find the time… even if it means giving something up that you care less about like TV time.

  4. I too put the word “invest” on my computer. And if you feel like watching TV is spending time, try taking up something like knitting or crocheting that you can do while watching TV. I never just sit and watch TV! But I do spend too much time on the computer.

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