Snow Can’t Stop The Sermon


Last night it snowed about 6″ in our area.  It was a fluffy, light, pretty kind of snow but it did force our Church to cancel this morning’s service.  You put that much snow on top of an already ice covered and unsalted parking lot and there was no other answer but to cancel. That didn’t stop the word of God from getting out to the members of our congregation.

Our Pastor had been watching the weather for the past few days anticipating that we might have to cancel… or at the very least that she might not be able to make it since she lives a half hour away.  So what did she do?  Did she quit for the week thinking she’d get a rare Sunday off?  Nope!  She hatched a plan to use technology to get the semon out.

From the comfort of her home she delivered the sermon and recorded the audio.  I say comfort but perhaps it was uncomfortable giving the sermon to an imaginary audience.  I guess she’d have to weigh in on that.

We were then able to put the mp3 in a public folder on Dropbox for everyone to download and listen to.  The message went out via Facebook that the worship service was cancelled but the good news was you could still hear the Good News in the form of a podcast!

It’s times like this that I’m really thankful for technology.  I’m thankful for a Pastor who isn’t afraid of it.  Who willingly allows her sermons to be put on YouTube each week for those who might have missed it or want to hear it again.

Sometimes faith and technology collide and seem to go against each other but today was an example of a perfect pairing.

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