My Daughter’s A Writer Too!

As a guy who loves to write this blog every day it excites me to see my daughter showing an interest in writing too.  That’s what’s been happening this week at our house.

The cool thing is… she’s not writing for school.  She’s writing a story to enter into a contest to try and win prize money!

It all started when a family friend posted a few links on Facebook for some scholarships, essay, and story contests.  One of which my daughter would qualify for, even though she’s only in 7th grade.

“I could do that!” she announced not phased by the 1,000 word requirement. “Wasn’t there a girl in that Dave Ramsey book who paid for her entire college writing essays and filling out scholarships?”

That book she was referring to was Smart Money Smart Kids written by Dave Ramsey and his daughter Rachel Cruze… and yes, it did contain a story like that.

Smart Money Smart Kids Book

We purchased both the hard back book and the audio book when it first came out and listened to it in the car a few different times with the whole family.

One of the chapters my daughter heard was on paying for college. She might have acted bored at the time but the message and story stuck with my daughter.  For that, I am thankful.

I’m also thankful she goes to a school that provides MacBooks to the students.  Technology isn’t a road block here.

So, this week she’s spent time writing and researching other essay and story writing contests and scholarships she could try for.

As far as the current story?  She’s 3/4’s of the way there.  Not bad for a girl busy with school, dance, and piano!

I haven’t read her story yet because I didn’t want to influence her writing.  I want it to be all her own.

My job as she continues to write will be to offer encouragement, proof reading, and postage if anything needs to be mailed.  That was the deal I made with her.   I do hope she gets at least a small taste of success or positive feedback early on to fuel her desire to keep going.

If you run across something she might be interested in writing or applying for let me know.

You can find my review of Smart Money, Smart Kids here.

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