Music That Made An Impact

I bet if you think about it there are certain musical artists and songs that have had an impact on your life. Maybe it was a song that spoke to you or a singer you could really relate to.

For me, one of those groups, is Casting Crowns. I first heard them many years ago when my wife bought their debut album. It was in the CD player of her car and started playing one time when I borrowed it. I’ve always loved listening to music on long car journeys; I always replace whatever speakers are in the cars I buy with brand new ones, for the ultimate listening experience. Take a look at the speaker reviews on joinfuse if you feel the same, I always refer to them to make sure I’ve got the most up to date models! Unfortunately, I had to listen to Casting Crowns through her car’s speakers which weren’t nearly as good.

Their sound is what I noticed first. I liked it. Had a little bit of a rock edge to it. Then the lyrics hit me. They were simple. Honest. Easy for me to relate to… and they shared a Biblical message. Something I wasn’t used to hearing in music outside of Church.

That first Casting Crowns album led us to get more of their albums. We even got a book from lead singer Mark Hall. I’m not a big reader but I really enjoyed Life Stories. In it Hall shared the stories and inspiration behind the songs I had come to know and love. It made me love them even more.

I’ll always be grateful for that first Casting Crowns album! It opened my eyes to a whole genre of music that I never took the time to notice before. The more I heard. The more I liked.

TobyMac, Jeremy Camp, Matthew West, SuperChick, Brandon Heath… I have so many favorite Christian artists. Had I never heard that first Casting Crowns I would have never heard of them.

Listening to Christian music has definitely helped me get further down the path on my faith walk. It’s also had an impact on my family too, as we love to listen to it and sing along together.

I share all of this because I’ve been listening to a lot of Casting Crowns music today and praying for lead singer, Mark Hall.

He shared on FaceBook this morning that doctors have found a mass in one of his kidneys that they believe to be cancer. He’s scheduled to have surgery next week.

Casting Crowns FB Post

It’s been obvious today that I’m not alone in feeling the impact of Casting Crowns music. All over my Twitter and Facebook news feeds today were prayers, messages of support, and pictures all with the hashtag “prayingformark”.

If you’re a Prayer Warrior be sure and add Mark Hall, his family, and the medical professionals who will be caring for him to your prayer list.

Is there a particular song or artist whose music has had an impact on your life?

Here’s one of my favorite Casting Crowns songs. It’s one I return to when I let “life” take over my life.


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