Memory Monday – Church Candles

The memory I’m about to share was sparked by a boy helping out in the the Church service we attended this past Sunday. I’d guess he was about 8 and he was working on a merit badge for Boy Scouts.

I’m not sure what the requirements were to get the badge but he helped out in three different areas of the service.  He played a piano solo for special music. He also collected the individual little cups after Communion.

The other thing he did was help light the candles at the start of the service.  That took me back to 3rd grade and my first turn at lighting the candles at my Church.

Lighting the candles was a pretty big deal when I was younger because it meant you didn’t have to sit with your parents.  You were always paired up with a friend and after lighting the candles you sat in the front pew on the right-hand side.

That’s where you’d be until the start of the last verse of the last hymn.  Then you’d  go extinguish the alter candles and lead the Pastor down the center aisle and to the back of the Church.  That’s where he’d do the benediction.

So as a candle lighter you were the first out of Church which meant first in line for cookies and juice!

Candle lighting at our current Church is a little less formal. My friend, Mike, and I run the audio visual equipment each week from the back of the sanctuary.  We’ll usually grab the first two kids we can find and have them do it.  If we can’t find anyone we’ll just light them before the service starts.

Sometimes it’ll be my daughters lighting the candles.  This always makes me a little nervous but so far they’ve always done a good job. They haven’t burned the Church down which, as Mike always says, “Is the number one rule in being an acolyte!”

What do you remember about lighting candles in Church when you were a kid?

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3 thoughts on “Memory Monday – Church Candles”

  1. My best friend and I conned the pastor into letting us be basically the only acolytes! We served for I would guess 5 or 6 years, two services each Sunday! (Nice to meet you this past Sunday!)

  2. I was totally an acolyte, but ours was while we were in confirmation 6th-8th grade! We also sat on the right hand side right in the front, but we got to go out the back door of the sanctuary which meant we could derobe and get to the cookies first still! Fun memory and something I tucked away in my memory bank! I loved it!

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