Happy Halloween

I’m a big fan of Halloween.  Who wouldn’t be?  There’s candy.  There’s costumes.  There’s pumpkin patches and carving pumpkins!

My youngest and I have had fun the last few years making a homemade costume.  Last year she was a Lego brick.

Lego Brick Halloween Costume

This year she went as an American Girl doll in the box.

American Girl Halloween Costume

I even got into the Halloween spirit by dressing up today as a Target Employee.  A little photoshopping to make an ID, khaki pants, and a red polo and my costume was complete.

Target Employee Halloween Costume

This year we got busy and didn’t get our pumpkins carved before Halloween.  We might end up carving them this weekend just for fun… and for the seeds!  We love to roast the seeds.

The other thing about Halloween around our area is we trick-or-treat on Beggar’s Night… the night before Halloween!  Part of Beggar’s night for every kid is telling a joke.  My daughter’s for this year?  What do you call a fish with no eyes?   A fsh! (it’s kind of a joke you need to hear but you get the idea).

A friend of mine told me about a guy in their neighborhood who added different element to Beggar’s night.  Any trick-or-treater who could cite and recite a Bible verse would get a great treat (think full sized candy bar).   Those who couldn’t wouldn’t (think tootsie roll).

What an interesting idea.  Do you think this is a great way to encourage kids to be interested in the Bible or does is take the fun out of Halloween?  I’d be interested in hearing what you have to say.

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2 thoughts on “Happy Halloween”

  1. could be good for those kids who have an opportunity to learn from the Bible, but for those kids who haven’t had that opportunity, it could cause embarrassment or bullying….wouldn’t it be nice if all kids were taught what ‘we’ feel is important in this world? By the way, I couldn’t talk the American Girl Doll to stay at my house!!!!! LOL —

    1. Thanks for the comment. Good thoughts. The American Girl Doll might not want to stay at your house but I’d be willing to loan her out for a day. LOL.

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