First Ever Family Applefest

One of my favorite things about Fall is a fresh crop of apples ready for the picking… and the baking!  This weekend we got together with some family to celebrate the apple.

Although we shouldn’t need an excuse to get together, the chance to gather, eat things made with apples, and to bake with them seemed like a good reason.

My wife’s Aunt and Uncle played host for our first ever Family Applefest.  When my kids and I arrived around lunchtime they were just putting the finishing touches on some apple turnovers.  We had these after lunch.

Apple Turnover

Speaking of lunch… it was delicious.  I had always wanted to try grilled cheese sandwiches with apple slices and this was my first chance.

Before making the sandwiches apple slices were sauteed in butter. Then they were layered with ham and cheese and finished off like you would a regular grilled cheese sandwich.  Very tasty and something I’ll recreate in my own kitchen sometime.

Grilled apple, cheese, and ham sandwich with squash apple soup

There was an apple and squash soup to go with the sandwiches. Normally, I’m not a big fan of squash but this was pretty good and it went nicely with the theme for the day.

We even sang the Johnny Appleseed Prayer song.  It’s one I vaguely remembered from Church camp but the tune and lyrics came back to me in an instant!

Once lunch was over it was time to get busy working with the apples.  We had 3 boxes and 3 different kinds to work with: Criterion, Red Delicious, and Red Rome.  We brought the Red Rome apples from our tree.  The others came from my wife’s cousin’s trees.

boxes filled with 3 kinds of apples

The first thing we tackled was Puff Pastry Apple Roses.  Armed with just this YouTube video we proceeded.

We debated about the thickness to cut the apples and joked about it’s potential to be a Pinterest Fail but in the end it worked out just fine.

My oldest took the lead in the constructing of the roses.  Besides dancing, being in the kitchen is her thing and I really think she enjoyed putting these together.  Here she is rolling one up!

These really are as easy to make as these videos make it look!  I’d recommend them to anyone wanting to make an impressive looking and very tasty dessert.

Muffin tin with puff pastry apple roses

puff pastry apple rose

Once the apple roses were made and tasted it was on to apple pies! The younger cousins went outside to play hide and seek while the rest of us settled into our roles.  I washed and peeled the apples.  My oldest cut them up while my wife’s cousin made and rolled the crusts.

Bowls of cut apples

Many hands make light work and in no time we had 2 pies put together and enough pie filling bagged to make 4 more pies!

apple pies

We left with some crust and filling and put together our own pie when we got home.  It was outstanding!

Slice of apple pie with ice cream

After a day filled with family, fun, and apples I new there was only one way to finish it out… to relax in my chair enjoying a hard cider.

draft cider

Random Thoughts From Applefest

  • People are like apples.  There may be blemishes on the outside but it’s what’s on the inside that counts.
  • The best conversations always happen when a group is working towards a common goal.
  • An apple pie made with one kind of apple is good. One made with several different kinds of apples is even better.  Pretty sure you could carry this over to a life lesson too.
  • We don’t get together with family near enough and should plan a day like this more often.
  • You can make a lot of things with apples and barely make a dent in the 3 boxes you started with!

What’s your favorite thing to make with apples?

Anyone can count the seeds in an apple, but only God can count the number of apples in a seed.-Robert H. Schuller Click To Tweet
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  1. Well — I’m sorry I missed your call to come over for pie…. oh well — next time. Your girls are amazing young women!!!!! Proud to call them friends!!!!

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