Dream Big

This week a friend of mine posted a great status update on Facebook. It read like this:

“Five or six years ago, a man from Africa shining shoes at the Las Vegas airport told me about his plan to save enough that he could start a business taking customers on safari.  I gave him a business card.  Today, he sent me an email introducing his business and inviting me on safari this summer! #nevergiveup”

How cool is that!  I wasted no time hitting “like” but the story stuck with me.  The next day I messaged my friend to see if I could share the story here.  He graciously agreed and added some more details.  This is what he wrote:

“Initially, I almost deleted his “TOUR TO AFRICA” email as spam, but I recalled the conversation I had with him, so I took and look and it was him! His name is David Kigotho.

I recall that I was at McCarran waiting for a friend’s flight to arrive, so I sat down to have him clean up my white three-stripe Adidas sneakers. He talked the entire time about his plan.

His website is set on a rudimentary template, but he’s TRYING, and I love it.  If he just keeps moving forward and improving, he’ll make a go of it – and I think he knows that.

David’s email was sent to a ton of people (email addresses unprotected), some in construction, financial, Disney, Travel Channel, etc.  That dude has probably been shining shoes for years, telling his story, collecting tips, business cards and encouragement.”

Knowing a few more details made this story even more inspiring.

To me there are two main take-aways from this story.  First, you have to have a dream.  Without a dream you have nothing to reach for. Don’t be afraid to dream big.  David did and now he’s realizing his dream.

Second, don’t be afraid to share your dream with others.  David spent years sharing his dream with others while shining their shoes.  By sharing his dream he stayed focused on why he was shining shoes in the first place.  I bet it also helped him get more money in tips.  It’s easy to give a little extra to someone who speaks passionately about their dream.

My dream of starting this blog has been accomplished.  Lately I’ve been spending a lot of quiet time trying to figure out and focus on my next big dream.  I haven’t exactly nailed it down yet but when I do you’ll hear all about it.

By the way, if you’re a NASCAR fan dreaming of attending a race you should travel with my friend who shared this inspiring story.  You can find him at RaceAway Hospitality.

I leave you with with two things to help you dream big.  A Bible verse and song.

Proverbs 21:5 (NLT)  Good planning and hard work lead to prosperity, but hasty shortcuts lead to poverty.

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