A Town Working Together

I’ve written about my love of small town living before.  That was strengthened today as friends, families, and neighbors gathered together to work on a project.

Our town got new playground equipment for one of our parks.  To install it many volunteers were needed.

I first learned of the project weeks ago via social media.  At the time I thought, “It would be fun to help out.  Wonder if I’ll be busy that day?” I kind of forgot about it until earlier this week when a friend posted a reminder on Facebook with a link to sign up to help.

The sign up process to volunteer was easy.  It was through a website:  www.signupgenious.com.  There you could pick your 2 hour time slot and see who you’d be working with.  What a great use of technology to organize this group effort!

It rained a lot overnight and this morning so the work site was a sloppy mess… but that didn’t stop a group of dedicated volunteers from showing up to help!

Even though we were working it was fun.  Today was proof that when you get a group of people together with a common goal and a plan on how to get there great things can happen.

The Churches in town even organized lunch for the crew!

Things came together so well they even had to call off the last group of workers because there was nothing left for them to do.

It’s days like this that strengthens friendships, creates new ones, and instills a sense of town pride.  I’m glad I took the time to be a part of it.

Maybe one day I can take my grandchildren to the park and tell them about the day that I helped put it together.  Can’t wait to see it 100% finished with all the mulch down and kids playing on it!

What’s your favorite thing about small town living?  Never lived in one before?  What do you think you would like the most?

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