A New Favorite Christmas Song

I love Christmas music.  We have a pretty vast collection of it in my house.  Country, contemporary, Christian, rock… we have Christmas music in just about every flavor you could think of.  As good as it all is my favorites are almost always the classics.

The Christmas Song from Nat King Cole?  Love it.  Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer by Burl Ives?  Makes me feel like a kid again.  Silent Night by Frank Sinatra?  Does it get any better?

Every once in awhile a new Christmas song will sneak it’s way onto my list of favorites. This is the case of of Francesca Battistelli’s Christmas Is.

It’s a fun pop song that mentions lots of the superficial (and very relatable) things about Christmas but at the end there’s a twist.  SPOILER ALERT.  Stop reading now and watch the video if you want to hear the twist unfold.

Did you catch it?  After mentioning many of the things the world thinks Christmas is it ends with the real meaning of Christmas.  Christmas is Jesus!

Perhaps one of my favorite things about this song is how fun and infectious it is.  It would be easy for a non-believer to get caught up in it and then end up hearing what Christmas really is.  Maybe it makes them want to know more about Jesus.  If that were to happen I think it’d be pretty cool.

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