A Lesson From A Plant

You can learn a lot from everyday things if you’re paying attention. Over the weekend I learned a little bit about myself… all because of a potted planted.

You see, the plant had been in the sun and hadn’t been watered.  It was dry, wilted, and beat up by the wind.  I was worried that we might have killed it.

Healthy Plant

I gave it a couple cups of water and hoped for the best.  Later in the day when I returned to check on it.  I was surprised at what I found… a plant that looked nothing like the one I left.

Wilted Plant

It was vibrant and full of life!  In fact, I think it looked the better than it ever had.  That plant had been restored by some water and afternoon shade.

I started to compare myself to that plant.  There are times when I get run down (both physically and mentally).  Times where I’m sure I start to look a little rough.

That got me thinking about what restores me.  What brings me back to life.  I came up with three things:

  1. Listening to Christian music.  It’s very up-lifting. Positive with a message of hope.
  2. Writing.  I’m happy when I’m writing and it helps me process and think.
  3. Family dinners.  When my wife, kids, and I share a meal around the table it reminds me of everything that’s good and important in my life.

What restores you?

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