30 Days of Thankfulness

The idea for this post came from another one a week or so back.  If you’re interested you can read that one here.

Rather than post something that I’m thankful for each day in November… I decided to wait until the last day and do all 30 in one post.

So here you go.  Thirty things I’m thankful for.

1.  Faith – I’ve got a loving God and Church.

2.  Family – I’d be lost without them.

3.  Technology – It’s my hobby and keeps me out of trouble.

4.  Crock Pots – Perfect for coming home to hearty meal.

5.  Facebook – It helps me stay connected to family and friends… and reconnect with them too.

6.  Health – My family has been fortunate to remain healthy this year.

7.  Our new bathroom – I can’t begin to explain how nice it is to have 2 showers in the house.

8.  Kids that can cook – It’s great to be able to have someone else that can help get supper on the table.

9.  Smart phones – Helps keep my crazy life organized.

10.  Jobs – Even though we are keeping our eyes open for new opportunities both my wife and I are employed and that’s a good thing.

11.  Podcasts – I’m learning a lot and being entertained too.

12.  Dance – My daughters love to dance and I love watching them.

13.  Our house – It’s perfect for our family.

14.  Our schools & teachers – They are the best!

15.  Friends – I’ve got some great ones in real life and online.

16.  Snowblowers – Never had one until this year.  Should have gotten one years ago.

17.  Coffee – It’s how I start my day.  I’ll take it extra hot and extra strong please.

18.  Google Products & Services – From Android to Analytics, Gmail to Google+, I use them all.

19.  Farmers – They work hard and keep us fed.

20.  Music – I love to play it on the radio and to hear my daughters sing and play it at home.

21.  Bacon – Do I really even need to explain.

22.  Netflix and Amazon Prime – They make it so it doesn’t really matter that we don’t have cable or satellite TV.

23.  Clothes dryers – You can’t beat putting on a warm pair of pants on a chilly morning.

24.  Small Towns – It’s great to know your neighbors and feel safe in your surroundings.

25.  Ribeye Steaks – Grilled to medium and served with baked potatoes and a salad.  Can’t think of a better meal.

26.  Financial Peace University – It’s given us the tools to work our way out of debt.  We’re not there yet but we’re getting close.

27.  The military – What they do to serve and protect our country deserves praise.

28.  Bluetooth Speakers – It’s how I listen to podcasts in my truck.

29.  This blog – I’m grateful for a creative outlet to combine my passions.

30.  YOU – It is humbling knowing there are people who take a moment or two out of their busy lives to read my thoughts.  It’s something that I don’t take for granted.

Those are a few of the things I’m thankful for.  What’s on your list that isn’t on mine?

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