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I think it’s probably happened to most parents.  You’re out and about with your kids.  One minute they’re right beside you and the next they’re gone.

There’s that initial panic that sets in as you frantically look for them. Most times you’ll find them a short distance from you unaware of how freaked out you were.  They probably didn’t even realize you weren’t there.

Today’s tip is one I hope you’ll never use but it could prove to be invaluable if your child is ever missing and you can’t find them right away.

The tip is this:  whenever going out with your kids take their picture with your phone when you get to your destination.

This way if you and your child get separated you’ll have a current photo of them.  In a panic you might not remember what they were wearing.  You might not remember how their hair was or if they were carrying a favorite toy.

All this information would be in the picture you took.  It would be useful in the event you needed to get others involved in looking for them.

You don’t need to tell your kids why you’re taking their picture every time you go out.  No point in potentially scaring them.  Just let them know that Mom or Dad want a new picture.

Another good thing to do now, while you’re thinking of it, is write down all your child’s info.  Their height, weight, birth marks, blood type, any information that would be helpful in an emergency.

Sure, you probably have all this info committed to memory but under duress you might not be able to recall it quickly and correctly.  Having it written down will help.  You could put it on an index card in your purse or wallet.

You could even use an app like Evernote or Google Keep to store the information in your phone.

A little planning now could make an extremely stressful situation a little easier.

What are some other ways you help keep your kids safe when you go out?

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Today a cool event happened in our daughter’s 3rd grade class… and because of technology my wife and I were able to see it.  Her from home and me at work.

My daughter’s class was wrapping up a unit on Native Americans. For their final project each student created some type of artifact and prepared a short report on it.  This morning they presented their artifacts to the class.

Through the use of Google Hangouts on Air at the same time their presentations were also viewed by three other classrooms (some in another town) and by anyone with internet access. If you missed the live feed you could go back and watch the whole thing on YouTube.

I was really impressed with how they all did and how smooth and seamless the technology was.  Based off the comments I saw on Facebook other parents and grandparents were too.

After it was over I sent a quick email to my daughter’s teachers.  I wanted them to know that their efforts weren’t for nothing.  That people did watch and appreciated the opportunity to feel like they were part of the class for a little bit.

One of the teachers emailed me back a short while later and said, “Thank you for watching!  We have been receiving more emails of appreciation and the kids are loving the responses!”

It’s awesome that the teachers arranged to stream these presentations.  It’s equally awesome that parents and family members were so quick to thank the teachers.  It’s that kind of encouragement that will no doubt lead to more of these in the future.

At supper tonight my daughter had a fun time talking about the experience.  She was so proud of the number of YouTube views they had and all the comments that were left.

This is one case where technology enhanced the class room experience… for both the students and those that watched online.

How have your kid’s teachers used technology in a positive way?