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A Dad’s View Of Minecraft

I like to stay up on what my kids are into.  If there’s a TV show, song, or game they like I’ll check it out.

It’s a good way to see the choices they are making… and making sure they are good choices.  It also gives me something to talk about with them that they’re interested in.

While I was at our annual family reunion camping trip my much younger cousins (think a year or two older than my daughters) were telling me how much fun Minecraft is.  My youngest told me she played it at a friends house and thought it was really fun.

I had heard of Minecraft before but didn’t really know what it was all about.  All I new was it’s the top paid app in both the Amazon App Store and the Google Play Store with price tag of $6.99.  That’s a lot for an app.

So this weekend while I was checking for app updates in the Amazon App Store I realized that I had quite a few free credits built up.  More than enough to buy Minecraft.  So I went ahead and downloaded the Pocket Edition to my Nexus 7 tablet.

Minecraft Title Screen

The controls were a little confusing at first.  I really didn’t see what all the fuss was about.  You build stuff in a virtual world.

The next morning when I told my youngest that I got the app and would put it on her Kindle she was more than excited.

She immediately went to work building a house.  “It’s like Legos on my Kindle, Dad!” is what she said.  “You can build whatever you want!”

Sensing her excitement I figured I better give it another try.  We spent a little time together figuring out the controls and how things worked.  Once I had that figured out it was a little more fun.

I can’t see myself playing it on a daily basis but I will mess around with it from time to time.  If for nothing else but to have something to chat with my daughter about.

I think there’s a way we can play together when using the same wifi connection but I have yet to figure that out yet.

We might need to limit her Minecraft time but what I do like about this game is that it seems to focus on creativity.

Do your kids play Minecraft?  What’s your take on it… and do you have any tips for this Dad who’s trying to figure it out?


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A Day Without Data

Yesterday was the first full day of our annual family reunion campout. It’s always a great time.

There are two things I really appreciate about this time each year. Reconnecting with family in person and the memories my kids are making.

One thing that helps accomplish both of these things is the fact that where we go has absolute terrible cell coverage!

No Cell Service

You’re lucky if your call goes through and doesn’t get dropped.  Facebook, Twitter, Instagram are out of the question.

So the only thing our phones were really used for all day was to take pictures.

Spending the day unplugged and without data was actually really nice and made the whole day more relaxing.

It was that way for my kids too.  No Kindles or iPods.  They spent the day with their cousins biking, blowing bubbles, chasing frogs… just be kids.  Something they could probably use a little more of.

I can’t say I’m ready to unplug for good but it’s days like this that I’m reminded that doing it every once in a while is probably a good thing.

It’s hard not to be relaxed when these are some of your views:



How long has it been since you spent a day unplugged from technology?

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Use Passwords To Promote Positive Thinking

I recently read an interesting blog post by Mauricio Estrella.  In it he shares a great tip and explains how changing his computer password changed his way of thinking and in turn his life.

It’s a good read but be warned there are a few swear words sprinkled in.

In essence his tip is this: change your computer passwords to promote a positive attitude or a goal you’d like to accomplish.

Have a bad attitude at work?  Perhaps a good password would be “Dont4get2smile!”.

Staying up too late?  Try “Go2Bed@1030pm”.

Got a nasty habit you need to quit?  Typing “SmokingisKi11ingMe!” several times a day would be a good constant reminder.

The possibilities to use a password to impact your life are endless!





Typing a password like these many times throughout the day is bound to have a positive effect on your mood and attitude.

You could even use the PIN password on your phone to reflect a favorite scripture or verse you’d like to remember.  For instance, one of my favorite verses is Mark 8:36.

“What good is it for someone to gain the whole world, yet forfeit their soul?”

I could use 0836 for the PIN lock on my phone.  I won’t because that wouldn’t be smart after sharing it here… but you get the idea.

This tip has changed the way I think about passwords.  Instead of being a pain… I plan to use them to lead to something positive!

So, are you thinking about what inspiring password you could use next?

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