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What’s Your Online Legacy?

I mowed tonight and while I did my mind started to wander… which is often the case when I mow.  Several upcoming blog topics came up and so did an article a friend shared on Facebook today.

It was about how Harvard withdrew offers of admission from 10 incoming Freshman based on things they had posted and shared online.

This is the world we live in.  Schools, workplaces, even potential dates are all checking out our online profiles to decide if they want to be associated with us.

It got me thinking about the things I share online?  Would I be embarrassed if any of my posts ended up on a billboard? What would my online legacy be if my accounts were locked as of today?

What would my online legacy be if my accounts were locked as of today and examined?

If my online legacy was my last 10 tweets, Facebook posts, or Instagram pics what would it say about me?

After I was finished with the yard and put the mower away I went back and checked.  Turns out I’m fine with my last 10 posts… but I’m sure if I dug further back there could be some I might regret.  How about you?

What do your last 10 tweets, Facebook posts, or Instagram pics say about you?

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App Review: Google Keep

Those that know me know that I could be described as a somewhat OCD, organizational, control-freak.  I don’t take offense to it.  It’s something I willingly acknowledge and accept.

It’s something that was reinforced in the results of a recent Meyers-Briggs personality test that I recently took.

With this in mind, it should be no surprise that I like and use several organizational apps on my Android smartphone.  One of my favorites is Google Keep.

 I’d describe it as an online bulletin board or refrigerator door; a place to keep notes, make lists, and just generally organize my life.

One of the things I like most about Google Keep is that I can access it via the app on my phone or from the web.  That’s right!  My virtual bulletin board is everywhere, just a click or screen tap away.

Getting started with Google Keep is easy.  Just download the app, sign in with your Google account, and you’re ready to go.

At the bottom of the screen, there is a place where you can just start typing to take your note.  There are also icons to tap if you want to make a list note, draw your note free-hand, record a voice note, or take a picture for your note.

Once you’ve made your note you can “pin” it if you want.  Pinned notes stay right at the top of your screen.  You can color your note if you want, add labels to it, and even send it to someone if you wish.

You can also add someone as a collaborator.  I’m trying out this feature with my family.  I’ve started a Summer Bucket List note for different things my family would like to do this Summer.  As a collaborator, any member of my family can add to the list.

Another way I’ve used Google Keep is to keep information handy that I might want on a somewhat regular basis.  

An example of this would be a picture I took of a postcard from our local ice cream shop.  They do a flavor of the week… and many times my family has wondered what it is.  Before, we’d try to find the schedule on the ice cream shop’s Facebook page.  Now, whenever we want to know I just need to open the Google Keep app.

Here are a few other ways I use Google Keep:

  • Making virtual Post-it notes of quotes I see online.
  • Keep track of Bible verses I may want to use for my weekly Bible verse blog post.
  • I’ve got a running list of potential blog topics to write about.
  • By using a Chrome extension, I save websites and articles I’d like to come back to at a later time.
  • There’s a running list of gift ideas for my family.  If they mention an interest in something I’ll add it to the list.  Then when I need to get them a gift I’ve got a great resource to draw from.
  • There’s also a list of little jobs around the house and yard I need to do when I get some free time.  

Google Keep is an app that is really easy and intuitive to use.  In fact, the more you use it the more uses you’ll find for it.

Want to try out Google Keep yourself? You can get it for free in the Google Play Store and iTunes.

Do you use Google Keep?  What are some different ways you use it?

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Recognizing My Little Weaknesses

It’s no secret.  I love technology and I love a good deal… almost to a fault. So it stands to reason that I love a good deal on technology. That’s why at least once a day I check the AppSales app on my phone.

It keeps track of all the apps in the Google Play Store that go on sale. I use some of my Google Opinion Rewards credit if I find a good one that I don’t already have.

Earlier this week I noticed an app that went from 99 cents to free. That got my attention so I looked it up.  The app’s function is to help you keep track of the last time you did something.

You could have a list of last times… last time you changed your car’s oil… or smoke detector batteries… last time you changed the furnace filters.  You edit and make the list your own and set reminders when the items on your list need to be performed again.

I got excited about it thinking of all the ways I could use the app.  I almost downloaded it… but started thinking about whether I’d really use it.  I decided it would end up littering my phone’s app drawer only to be deleted months later.

You see, I almost let my love of technology and a great deal lead me to an app that would solve a problem I didn’t have.  I’ve never needed a “last times” list before.

Besides… if I did need one… I wouldn’t need a special app for it.  I could make my own “last times” list in Google Keep and use the my phone’s calendar for reminders.

My love of a good deal could be seen as a little weakness.  Same with an almost blind love of technology… but being able to recognize my little weaknesses is a big strength in my book.

Are you good at recognizing your little weaknesses?

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