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What I’m Into Right Now – April 2018

Typically, I write these posts on the 1st of the month but Easter this year fell on April 1st.  That meant Easter Sunrise service in the cemetery to start the day… a little napping throughout the day… and a little time spent working on an April Fool’s prank video.

By the time all that was all done, I was tired and uninspired.  But fear not! I’m back with another monthly installment of some of the things I’m digging right now.

What I’m Into Right Now – April 2018 the rime of the ancient mariner essay help enter sample student reading case study thesis lesson plan paid essay essay environmental issues professional thesis statement ghostwriters for hire for mba write essay story my life law assignment sample how to write a fantacy book bollywood movies review best essay writing service review where i can purchase viagra free essays help me solve my algebra homework help with a cover letterВ propranolol picture viagra cialis or lavitra pay for political science dissertation methodology watch resume real estate sales manager cialis viagra price where to buy diploma milk powder go here Cinnamon Bears – Sure, we’re coming off a time of Easter chocolates, jelly beans, Peeps, Peeps, and Cadbury Creme Eggs… but one of my favorite candies of all time is Cinnamon Bears. A few weeks ago my wife got me a 2-pound bag and I’ve been working my way through it just a few bears at a time.

Lime Water – This isn’t some new fancy drink you can buy at the corner convenience store. I’ve simply been adding a quick squeeze of lime juice concentrate to my ice water. We ended up with an extra plastic lime full of juice at home so I took one to keep in my work refrigerator.  It’s funny how just a little lime has me drinking more water.

Deception – I’ve always been a fan of magic shows… but this ABC TV show is a different kind of magic show. It features a magician who is helping the FBI solve crimes… in hopes they can help him exonerate his twin brother who was framed (and convicted) for murder. It’s equal parts magic, comedy, action, and drama.

Drunk Girl – This Chris Janson song isn’t getting much radio play (yet) but I really love this song… for both the music and the content. With a title like “Drunk Girl”, you might think this is an upbeat party tune.  Actually, it’s a stripped down, piano-heavy tune about a guy who does the right thing. If I had teen boys I’d play this song to them as an example of what a true gentleman would do.

Throat Coat Tea – I’ve been fighting a cold lately that’s given me a sore throat which can be an occupational hazard when you have a daily 5-hour radio show to do. This tea not only tastes great but it really soothes a sore throat. 

What are you into right now?

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Random Thoughts From An Evening With The Eagles

My wife and I were fortunate enough to have a great date night when the Eagles brought their An Evening With The Eagles tour to Wells Fargo Arena in Des Moines on Monday, March 26th.

Although we’ve seen lots of concerts over the years neither one of us had ever seen the Eagles before and felt like this might be our only opportunity.

When we told our teenage daughters we’d be going to the show they didn’t know who the Eagles were.  We tried to play some of the Eagles’ biggest hits to jar their memory. Nothing! They didn’t recognize a single one! Talk about a “we failed as parents” moment for my wife and me.

It was an awesome concert. I think it easily ranks in my Top 5 Favorite Concerts of all time.  If the Eagles ever come near you, and you can afford it, you should definitely go.

They played for 2.5 hours without stopping and took the audience on a journey through the decades and their hits.  Twenty-seven of them!

Over the course of the night, I had lots of random thoughts. Here are a few.

Random Thoughts From An Evening With The Eagles

  • Dang! Starting with Seven Bridges Road is a bold move… but they nailed it. If this is any indication of the rest of the night, we’re in for something special.
  • Deacon Frey doesn’t sound exactly like his late father, Glenn Frey, but it’s close enough.  Add the familiar harmonies and guitar licks and you’d think Glenn was actually here.
  • Yes! This is an older crowd. We shouldn’t have to deal with a bunch of drunks and can sit and enjoy the show.
  • These dudes can really rock! I wonder how old they are. I should Google that later.
  • Vince Gill was the perfect choice to join the band. He’s an excellent musician and can harmonize with the best of them.
  • Joe Walsh is an entertaining guy.
  • Don Henley looks like an actor… but which one?  It’s right on the tip of my tongue.
  • That woman a few rows in front of us might think she’s dancing but from this vantage point, it looks like she’s trying to land a plane.
  • I wonder what the average age of the crowd is. I’m betting it’s upper 40’s.
  • Because it’s an older crowd there are a lot fewer phones out taking pictures and videos than at any other concert I’ve been to.
  • Those are some funny faces Joe Walsh makes when he’s really getting into the music. Almost looks like he’s trying to keep his dentures in. Who cares, though. He can flat out play!
  • Robert Patrick from Scorpion! That’s the actor Don Henley looks like.
  • Vince Gill has had lots accomplishments and won many awards in his career but a highlight has to be looking over and seeing Joe Walsh nailing the guitar part to one of his own songs.
  • I forgot just how many great songs the Eagles had.
  • Seriously, how old are these guys? I’ve seen performers half their age not sound as good or have the energy these guys have.
  • 60! Vince just said he was 60 and was the youngest of the old guys.
  • Any artist that wants to see how to do a live show should watch the Eagles. They can captivate an audience on talent alone and not pyrotechnics or stage tricks.
  • And we’ve come full circle… Desperado was the perfect choice to end the night.

Have you seen the Eagles in concert? What were some of your thoughts?

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What I’m Into Right Now – March 2018

Time for another collection of things that have my interest right now.

What I’m Into Right Now – March 2018 – This online site and it’s accompanying app let you easily make and distribute your own podcast. I recently started one in which I share a Bad Dad Joke Of The Day. It’s been a fun project. Check it out now on iTunes.

Cadbury Creme Eggs – This Easter time candy is as polarizing as Peeps. You either think they’re great or gross. There’s really no in-between. I’m a part of the camp that loves them.Wooden Beard Comb & Beard Butter – Last month I mentioned how I was growing my beard out and started using beard oil. Well, I’ve upped my beard game a little. My wife got me a sandalwood beard comb for Valentine’s Day and I followed it up with some beard butter. Both help keep my facial hair soft and under control.

Disjointed – This Netflix Original sitcom isn’t for everyone. It stars Kathy Bates as a marijuana dispensary owner and centers around her relationships with her clientele and employees. Quips about how to shop seeds online here and how much to take for various needs vary, and the humor and subject matter is extremely crude… but I enjoy it for a quick twenty-five minute, laugh-filled distraction.

Ozark – This is another Netflix original show that stars Jason Bateman as a financial planner who moves his family to the Ozarks where he launders money for a Mexican drug cartel. It’s a pretty intense drama. I’m a little bummed that I’ve burned through season one. Now I need to wait for season two.

Five More Minutes – This is Scotty McCreery’s first number one song. It’s one he co-wrote and said his Grandpa Bill was the inspiration for it. There’s a lot in here that I can relate to. Maybe you can as well.

What are you into right now?

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