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Time for another collection of things that have my interest right now.

What I’m Into Right Now – March 2018 – This online site and it’s accompanying app let you easily make and distribute your own podcast.  I recently started one in which I share a Bad Dad Joke Of The Day.  It’s been a fun project.  Check it out now on cheap modafinil australia.

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Cadbury Creme Eggs – This Easter time candy is as polarizing as Peeps.  You either think they’re great or gross. There’s really no in-between. I’m a part of the camp that loves modafinil los angelesWooden Beard Comb & Beard Butter – Last month I mentioned how I was growing my beard out and started using buy cheap modafinil australia.  Well, I’ve upped my beard game a little. My wife got me a sandalwood beard comb for Valentine’s Day and I followed it up with some beard butter. Both help keep my facial hair soft and under control.

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Disjointed – This Netflix Original sitcom isn’t for everyone.  It stars Kathy Bates as a marijuana dispensary owner and centers around her relationships with her clientele and employees.  The humor and subject matter is extremely crude… but I enjoy it for a quick twenty-five minute, laugh-filled distraction.

Ozark – This is another Netflix original show that stars Jason Bateman as a financial planner who moves his family to the Ozarks where he launders money for a Mexican drug cartel.  It’s a pretty intense drama.  I’m a little bummed that I’ve burned through season one. Now I need to wait for season two.

Five More Minutes – This is Scotty McCreery’s first number one song.  It’s one he co-wrote and said his Grandpa Bill was the inspiration for it.  There’s a lot in here that I can relate to. Maybe you can as well.

What are you into right now?

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Extra effort on the little details often doesn’t take a lot of extra time but it can make a big impression.  That’s the lesson I learned recently from a simple roll of toilet paper.

Well, it wasn’t really the toilet paper itself.  It was what the new person cleaning my office did to it.  While cleaning the restroom she folded the corners under on the roll to make a point.  Just like what you might find in a fancy hotel.

buy modafinil in bangaloreI was impressed, obviously, because I took a picture of it… but it really got me thinking.

How long did it take to do? Ten or fifteen seconds, max.  It’s not like it was hard to do.  Folding the toilet paper that way isn’t necessary. It serves no real actual purpose and I’m sure it isn’t part of the job description.

What that simple act showed me was little details matter and can really make a big impression.  It also pointed out the importance of having pride in your work… because it’s obvious the person that did this took pride theirs.