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What’s Your Online Legacy?

I mowed tonight and while I did my mind started to wander… which is often the case when I mow.  Several upcoming blog topics came up and so did an article a friend shared on Facebook today.

It was about how Harvard withdrew offers of admission from 10 incoming Freshman based on things they had posted and shared online.

This is the world we live in.  Schools, workplaces, even potential dates are all checking out our online profiles to decide if they want to be associated with us.

It got me thinking about the things I share online?  Would I be embarrassed if any of my posts ended up on a billboard? What would my online legacy be if my accounts were locked as of today?

What would my online legacy be if my accounts were locked as of today and examined?

If my online legacy was my last 10 tweets, Facebook posts, or Instagram pics what would it say about me?

After I was finished with the yard and put the mower away I went back and checked.  Turns out I’m fine with my last 10 posts… but I’m sure if I dug further back there could be some I might regret.  How about you?

What do your last 10 tweets, Facebook posts, or Instagram pics say about you?

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What I’m Into Right Now – June 2017

It’s June! A new month means a new list of things I’m into.  (You can check out last month’s here).

What I’m Into Right Now – June 2017

Chris Stapleton’s “From A Room Volume One” –  I’m a big fan of Stapleton’s music.  On this new album, he doesn’t stray too far from the sound of Traveller, which is a good thing.  Standout tracks are a cover of Willie Nelson’s The Last Thing I Needed First Thing This Morning and Either Way.  Stapleton uses his signature sound to bring out the raw emotion in each.

Old Dominion’s “Meat and Candy” – This album has been out for awhile and I’ve loved all the songs from it that I’ve played on the radio… especially Song For Another Time.  Said Nobody and Beer Can In A Truck Bed are fun songs sure to make you smile.

My New Grill – After 5 or 6 years, my old grill was failing. It either needed a complete overhaul of new parts… or I just needed a new one.  Turns out it was just as economical to get a new one.  We chose a 3 burner Mr. Steak Gas Grill from Bass Pro Shops.

Quik  – This app from Go Pro is available for free for both Android and iOs devices.  It allows you to make quick, simple video slideshows set to music… perfect for showing off your picture and video highlights.  You make them right on your phone or tablet. Here are two videos I made using the Quik app. Same pictures, I just let the app put them together using different styles.

My Name Is Earl – I love the premise of this TV sitcom from 2005-2009; a guy makes a list of all the bad things he’s done in his life and tries to right his wrongs to get karma on his side.  It’s available to watch on Netflix and each episode is roughly 20 minutes making it a great show if you want a few laughs but don’t have a lot of time to watch a long show or movie.

Meat Thermometers – A new grill means grilling up lots of meat and vegetables.  The veggies I just sample right off the grill grates to test for doneness.  Meats are another story.  I use a meat thermometer to make sure they’re cooked properly.  

I have two; a digital instant read that I use on smaller cuts of meat and a probe/remote one I use on larger meat like whole chickens and pork loin.  You put the probe in the meat when it goes on the grill. The probe is attached to a transmitter which wirelessly sends the temperature to a remote. 

That’s right, I can know the internal temperature of the meat I’m grilling without getting out of my lawn chair.

Ibotta App – I said it in my review but if you aren’t using the Ibotta app you are missing out on free money.  It’s worth a quick scroll through the app before you go to the store to see if you can save on the things you are going to buy anyway.  If you decide to try out Ibotta please use my referral link.  It’ll get us both a little something extra.

What are you into this month?

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