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Tony Tries It – Fresh Face Mask

Skin care products aren’t something I typically use.  Shampoo, bar soap, deodorant… that’s about all I really need.  The rest of my family is a different story.  There’s makeup, conditioners, lotions, and more.

I don’t really pay attention to all that stuff but for Christmas my daughter got a small container of Lush fresh face mask that peaked my curiosity.  Mainly because it needed to be kept in the refrigerator.

My daughter had never used it before and was excited to try it out. “You should try it too, Dad,” she said.  “We could do it together.  It could be a Tony Tries It!”

I was fighting a head cold and not feeling the best but my daughter was excited about it so I figured I should get excited too… even if I was skeptical of what it would do.

She applied the face mask to herself first and then it was my turn.  I reclined in my chair and let her slather it on my face.  Since it was right out of the fridge it went on cold.  It was a shock at first but felt really good.

This face mask didn’t smell particularly “girly” and to be honest the smell helped clear my clogged sinuses a bit.

As the mask dried I could really feel it tightening on my skin.  It was kind of an odd sensation.  We waited 5-10 minutes and then it was time to wash it off.

The face mask washed off easy and it made my skin feel clean and smooth.  The package didn’t lie.  It did “revitalize my tired skin.”

I think it even helped smooth out some of the lines and puffiness under my eyes.  You can be the judge in this before and after picture.

Will face masks become part of my regular routine.  Nope… but I wouldn’t turn one down if my daughter wanted to do them together again sometime.

What do you think about face masks?

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Weekly Verse – Cheerful Giver

When my daughters and I spent a few hours ringing a Salvation Army bell we witnessed a lot of generous givers.  118 of them to be exact.  However, there was one that stood out then… and now, days later.

That generous giver was a little boy… maybe 5 or 6 years old.  His mom and dad shuffled past the red kettle and he said, “Hold on.  I wanna put some money in.”

“You don’t have any money.  Come on,” his mom replied.

“Yes, I do,” the boy insisted as he plunged his hand into his inner coat pocket.  His hand came out full of stuff.

“You can’t put a stick in,” his dad said after seeing what was in his grip.

“Hold on,” the little boy insisted as he sorted through the stick, candy wrappers, and lint in his hand.  What he came up with was a penny.  A single, shiny penny.

His face beamed as he dropped it in the red kettle.  My daughters and I thanked him and wished him a Merry Christmas.  He smiled and said, “Merry Christmas,” back to us and then darted into the store.

I’ve thought a lot about that boy and that penny.  About how happy he was to give.  How that penny is his world was worth as much as the 20 dollar bills other people donated.

He reminded me that it’s good to give from your heart and to be happy when you give.  In my mind, his donation made our whole two hours of  bell ringing in the cold and snow worth it.

That little boy was a real world example of 2 Corinthians 9:7 (NIV).

Each of you should give what you have decided in your heart to give, not reluctantly or under compulsion, for God loves a cheerful giver.


2 Corinthians

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Random Thoughts From 2 Hours Of Salvation Army Bell Ringing

Salvation Army bell ringers are a regular sight outside of businesses as Christmas approaches.  For the past several years my family has always said we should volunteer to ring but never got around to it.

That changed this year.  We had an open Saturday afternoon and there was a two hour shift available outside a nearby Fareway store. Signing up online was easy and we instantly got an email explaining everything we needed to know.


I had lots of thoughts over the course of our 2 hour, first time bell ringing experience.  Here are 31 of them.

Random Thoughts From 2 Hours Of Salvation Army Bell Ringing

  1. I’m glad we dressed warm. I’m really not that cold.
  2. A frozen turkey when dropped in a snowy parking lot will slide about four feet.
  3. There’s a sign in the window for Swedish potato bologna.  Never heard of it.  Sounds interesting.
  4. Wow! This little bell makes a lot of noise.
  5. That short Fareway helper keeps smiling at my oldest daughter every time he walks by?  I’m not ready to deal with boys dating my daughters but I know it’s coming sooner rather than later.
  6. Starting to feel a little chilly. Probably should’ve put on another layer.
  7. Wish we could be playing Christmas music right now but it’s against the bell ringing rules.  Wonder why.
  8. My daughters can (and will)  dance anywhere.  Even while bell ringing on a snow-slick entrance to a grocery store.
  9. Great job to all the parents who are teaching their kids to be givers.
  10. Ok.  Now I’m cold.
  11. Dude! It’s snowing.  Put a coat on!
  12. Is this bell still making noise?  Apparently I’ve learned to tune it out.
  13. Just met someone who reads my blog and asked if I’d be writing about bell ringing. That was cool.
  14. Fareway hires some top notch young people to work.  Glad they’re not afraid to hire high schoolers.
  15. There must be a sale on Charmin.  There’s a lot of it in the carts coming out of the store today.
  16. That guy just put in a gold coin.  It’s probably a Sacagawea dollar but wouldn’t it be cool if it turned out to be a gold doubloon or krugerrandYou hear a few of those stories every year.
  17. It’s slick out here.  Glad no one has fallen or gotten into a wreck.
  18. Santa hats are really warm.
  19. That first hour flew by. This second hour is dragging a little bit.
  20. People who give are happy people. Not a single person was frowning when they dropped money in the kettle.
  21. Can’t wait till we can hit Starbucks for coffee and hot chocolate when we are done.  It’ll be good to warm up.
  22. I’m glad I have a beard.  My face would be really cold if I didn’t.
  23. Iowans are honest. Everyone who said they’d put money in the kettle on the way out did.
  24. At least 1 out of every 10 people will try and go in the out door.
  25. It’s cold out. I’ll be sure and say an extra prayer tonight for the homeless.  I can’t even begin to imagine what they go through during the Winter months.
  26. Standing outside for two hours makes me really appreciate my indoor job.
  27. I’d like to hug the inventor of Hot Hands and Toasty Toes.
  28. We need bells with different pitches next year so we can try and make music.
  29. This snow coming down sure is pretty. Gets me in the mood for Christmas.
  30. That was fun.  We should make bell ringing an annual tradition.
  31. Total number of people who put money in the red kettle during our two hours: 118.  Pretty cool!

Have you ever taken a turn as a Salvation Army red kettle bell ringer?

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