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What I’m Into Right Now – August 2017

Wow! Where did time go? It seems like just last week I was writing about what I was into for July.  Now, we’ve turned another calendar page and are staring straight at August.  That means it’s time for a quick list of a few things that are currently making me happy.

What I’m Into Right Now – August 2017

Cody Jinks music – When I find new music that I like I go all in and listen to everything I can find.  That’s been the case with Cody Jinks’ music.  He’s got an awesome bluesy, classic country sound.

If you aren’t familiar with his music I’d start with the songs Loud and Heavy, I’m Not The Devil, Mamma Song, and Cast No Stones. They’re a few of my favorites.

Learning from YouTube – I’ve written before about how I’ve used YouTube videos to fix things around the house but lately, I’ve been using YouTube to learn some things I’m interested in… both personally and professionally.  If there’s something you want to learn you should give YouTube a try.

Pokemon Go – Yes. I’ll admit it.  I still play Pokemon Go.  I started playing last Summer to see what the buzz was about, then one of my daughters started playing with me so I kept on going.

The game recently turned 1 year old and they’ve had some special incentives and tweaks to the game that have upped my interest.  As of this writing, I’m currently at level 32.Sweet Corn – I love this summertime treat and hope to be eating plenty of it in the next few weeks.  I might even microwave some sweet corn for a quick lunch at the office.

Convenience Store Apps – Depending on where I’m at or what I want I’ll stop at one of two convenience store chains in our area; Casey’s General Store or Kum & Go.  They each have a mobile app that offers perks to users.

Casey’s app has special offers and a game you can play to try and win free products.  I’ve been lucky enough to win several free drinks and a couple candy bars.  In fact, I still have 2 free 20 oz. bottles of Gatorade that I’ve won that I need to get.

The Kum & Go app also has special offers.  Plus, you scan it when paying and you’ll get your 7th drink free.  It also keeps track of your pizza purchases and you get your 7th one free as well.

What are you into right now?

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One Song Three Ways

One of the coolest things about music is hearing a song you like in a whole new way.  Perhaps it’s at a concert where the original artist will change it up a bit.

Garth Brooks is famous for this… most notably adding an additional verse to The Thunder Rolls and Friends In Low Places.

It’s also fun to hear a songwriter sing their song that someone else made famous.  There are usually subtle differences in inflection and phrasing.  Sometimes you can even hear a difference in emotion.

As an example, take Chris Stapleton’s song Whiskey and You.  It originally appeared on Tim Mc Graw’s Let It Go album.

It’s a good version but certainly a little more upbeat with less emotion than the stripped down version from Chris Stapleton.

To me, it’s obvious that Stapleton has a greater connection to the song than Mc Graw.  There’s a realness/rawness to his vocal.

Here’s yet another version of the same song.  It’s by Aaron Lewis.

There you go.  One song three ways.

How would you rank them?

My favorite would be Stapleton, followed by Lewis, and coming in last would be Mc Graw’s version.

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10 Songs That Make Me Smile

Too much negativity in the world today.  Thought I’d spend a little time on something happy.  Songs that make me smile!

Some songs made the list because of their lyrics, some for their happy sound, and others for the memories they invoke.  One or two made it “just because”.

So go ahead and check out my list… and then leave a comment to let me know a few of the songs that make you smile.

10 Songs That Make Me Smile

Little Big Town – Happy People…  If you’re still frowning after listening to this I don’t know if I can help you.

Spin Doctors – Two Princes… This one is really catchy.

Brad Paisley – River Bank… The video features a waterskiing squirrel. Do I need to say anything else?

Hanson – MMMBop… I know I run the risk of ridicule including this one but I bet deep down it makes you smile too.

Kid Rock – All Summer Long… This one has always made me want to roll down the windows and crank up the radio (even in the winter).

Sawyer Brown – Six Days On The Road… These guys have always been a favorite of mine.  I love singing along with this one.

TobyMac – Funky Jesus Music… Praising God with music doesn’t have to be stuffy (and this song isn’t).

Bob Marley – Three Little Birds… Fun groove.  It sounds like sunshine!  Makes me want to get up early, sit on the steps, drink coffee, and watch the sunrise serenaded by birds.

The Tokens – The Lion Sleeps Tonight… I used to be able to sing this pretty well.  Then my voice changed.  Doesn’t matter now. I’ll try my best falsetto and attempt to sing along.

Huey Lewis & The News – Couple Days Off… This is my  “go-to jam” as I’m driving away from work and heading to vacation.  That’s enough to make anyone smile.

What songs make you smile?

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