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To All Veterans: Thank You!

As I drove home in silence tonight trying to decide what to write for Veterans Day the words just didn’t seem to come.

What did play in my mind were several songs.  I thought I’d share some of them with you here as a way to say thank you all Veterans.

Give them a listen and then let me know which songs you would have included too.

To start the list is the National Anthem.  Martina McBride shines in this version.

Trace Adkins sings from a soldier’s perspective in “Arlington”.

John Michael Montgomery’s “Letters From Home” is another good one.  The third verse always gives me a lump in my throat.

I like “Riding With Private Malone” by David Ball because I could picture the video in my mind before I ever saw it.

No list of songs for Veterans Day would be complete without “American Soldier” from Toby Keith.

“Some Gave All” is my favorite tune by Billy Ray Cyrus.

Toby Keith gets two songs in this list.  Here’s “Courtesy of the Red, White, and Blue”.

Lee Greenwood’s “God Bless The USA” is a classic.

Here’s Aaron Tippin’s “Where The Stars And Stripes”.

This is a great song and live performance by Tim Mc Graw singing “If You’re Reading This”.

Thank you to all Veterans!  We appreciate your service and salute you today and every day!

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A Dad’s Album Review – Taylor Swift’s 1989

To say my girls are Taylor Swift fans would be a massive understatement.  They know the words to all her songs, have her t-shirts and perfumes, and follow all things Taylor online.

I’m OK with that.  So far Taylor Swift has proven to be an excellent role model for young women.  She’s a terrific song writer who writes from the heart.  She’s an incredible businesswoman.  She also has a way of really connecting with her fans.

Taylor Swift with Sparkly Guitar

We’ve been fortunate to meet her a couple of times and she was very welcoming and genuine!

Taylor Swift On Lift

My oldest daughter had been counting down the day’s until the release of Taylor’s new album 1989 hit stores and online retailers. She had done her research and wanted to spend money she had earned on the deluxe edition from Target as it had a few extra tracks on it.

In an effort to be a good Dad I went and picked it up on release day for her.  I emailed her a pic of the album so she’d know what she had to look forward to when I got home.

Taylor Swift 1989

When she finally had it in her hands she wasted no time getting it ripped into her iPad and MacBook.  She’s had it on a continuous loop ever since and says it’s, “AWESOME”!

Not feeling too worried about the content of the album but still wanting to know what my daughters would be listening to nonstop for the next several months… I felt it was my duty to listen to the album in it’s entirety today.

I was correct in not worrying about the content.  It is an album that basically tells the story of a young woman growing up, breaking out on her own, loving, losing, hurting, and living under intense scrutiny.

There’s not a song on it that I wouldn’t want my daughters to listen to.

My favorites on the album would be Shake It Off, Welcome To New York, and Bad Blood.

There’s a lot of bass and beats which is too be expected as Taylor had previously said it would be her first pop album.  I caught myself toe tapping a few times.

My overall review?  I prefer country and enjoy Taylor Swift’s previous albums a little better.  That said, it is good and I wouldn’t make my daughters turn it off if they were listening to it in the car.

Have you heard the album yet?  What’s your favorite song on it? What’s your all-time favorite Taylor Swift song?

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The Cowboy Rides Away

Last night was date night for my wife and I.  It was a fun one too!  We got to see George Strait in concert one final time before he retires from touring.

It was an awesome show and a good example as to why he won ACM Entertainer of the Year a few weeks ago.

George Strait has a unique way of selling a song through his facial expressions and body language.  That’s all that was needed to keep a sold out crowd on their feet and singing along for over 2 hours.

There were no crazy stage antics. No confetti canons. No wardrobe changes.  No pyrotechnics.  Just a man, his band, and over three decades of hits.

I’ll admit when he recently won entertainer of the year I questioned the honor.  Not anymore!  George Strait is a true entertainer.

His show doesn’t need all the extras that are commonplace at most concerts these days.  Other performers may need those things to make their shows more entertaining but George doesn’t need all that.

He came across as a humble man that appreciates his band and the fans.  It was one of the best shows I’ve seen and I’m glad I got the chance to see it before The Cowboy Rides Away.

What’s your favorite George Strait Song?

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