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A Pop Surprise

I’m a country music guy.  Been playing it on the radio for over 20 years now.  When I’m not playing or listening to country music, I’m listening to Christian music, or podcasts.

So you could say I’m not exactly up on the world of pop music.  When I have heard bits and pieces here and there it hasn’t really impressed me much.  That changed this afternoon.  I heard a pop song I actually liked… and wanted to hear again.

I’ll share the song in a minute but this is how it happened.  My youngest and I were heading to town.  I had my phone hooked up to my bluetooth speaker and I let her play DJ.  She had a bazillion choices thanks to our Google All Access music subscription.

I’ve let her sister do this before but this was my youngest’s first time running the show.  The first song she played caught me off guard.

It was a catchy pop tune!  We listened to the whole thing and by the end we were both singing along.  Just to get her take on it I asked, “So what’s that song about?”

“Duh, Dad.  This guy is at a party and this girl wants to be his girlfriend but he says he can’t because he already has a girlfriend.”

That was pretty much it.  How refreshing to hear a song that wasn’t about cheating or hooking up. Yeah, I know country music is just as guilty of this as pop.  This song was about staying true to your committed relationship.

“That song’s gonna be stuck in your head, Dad. It’s kind of an ear worm,” my daughter told me.  She was right but I didn’t care.  I really liked the song.  So much so that when we got home I looked up the video on YouTube

Seeing the video made me like the song even more!

All you pop music fans have no doubt figured out by now that the song I’m referring to is Andy Grammer’s “Honey, I’m Good”.

For you sheltered country music fans like myself, you should give it a listen.  I bet you’ll like it too!

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TobyMac’s Next Album

It’s funny how things have a way of coming together.  Earlier today on my Facebook page and Twitter account I shared a TobyMac video.

Then tonight I opened up my email to some exciting news! TobyMac’s next album, his fifth, will be released on Friday, August 7th.TobyMac - This Is Not A TestAfter being first introduced to Contemporary Christian Music through Casting Crowns I quickly found my way to TobyMac. His style and message really hit me!

I’ve lost track of the number of times I’ve seen TobyMac and his band, Diverse City, in concert.  It’s more than 5, I know that.  His show at the legendary Val Air Ballroom in Des Moines ranks right near the top of my favorite concert experiences of all time.

Normally I’m not a throw your hands up to worship kind of guy. I’m more reserved… but not that night! My wife and I were near the front of the stage, hands held high, singing, dancing, and worshipping with 2,000 of our newest best friends.

So, yeah, I’m really excited for this album.  At least we don’t have to wait until August to get a taste of what it will be like.  He’s already shared one song.

Are you a TobyMac fan? What’s your favorite song?  Here’s mine:

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Song Review – Raise ‘Em Up

I’ll admit that this song review could be a little bit biased because I’m a Keith Urban fan.  I’ve met him a few times and each time he was extremely nice and personable.

The first time I met Keith Urban was at the beginning of his career. My radio station was doing a radiothon for a charity and broadcasting live from a mall.  Keith came to it, did an on-air interview, and sang a few songs, right there in the food court.

Many years (and #1 songs) later my family got to go to a meet n’ greet with him before one of his concerts.  There were probably about 30 of us in the room.  He sang a few songs for the group.  My daughters sat right up front at his feet.

Keith Urban Meet N' Greet

They had no idea how lucky they were!  That there were thousands of people coming to the show that night that would love to switch places with them.  My daughters enjoyed it but were looking most forward to Keith’s opener for the show: Taylor Swift.

So, yeah.  This review is biased… but anyway… here it is:

Raise ‘Em Up

When I first got Keith Urban’s Fuse album and saw there was a collaboration with Eric Church called “Raise ‘Em Up” I thought, “Here we go.  This has gotta be a rip-roaring, booze soaked party song”.

Boy, I couldn’t have been more wrong!  It’s a mid-tempo sentimental journey.  Sure, there’s a reference to raising a whiskey glass to make a toast but it goes much deeper than that.

It’s about young love, patriotism, the American dream, dealing with loss, and raising your eyes to God.  It’s about having children and raising them up.  Teaching them right from wrong.

The guitar work on the song is what you’d expect on a Keith Urban track: excellent.  Urban and Church’s vocals are top notch and somewhat restrained which really works with the song.

If you haven’t heard it yet give it a listen and let me know what you think.  Do you like it?

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