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Let me start by saying upfront that I’m an Eric Church fan.  I’ve always enjoyed his music… and caught a fantastic performance of his at the 2012 Guthrie’s River Ruckus.

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Even though I consider myself an Eric Church fan I’ll admit that it took me awhile before I spent the time to listen through his entire Mr. Misunderstood album.  Now that I have, the album has been stuck on repeat… in both my head and my speakers.

In the off chance that you’re like me… and late to the Mr. Misunderstood album party… I thought I’d share my review.

Album Review: Mr. Misunderstood

This is a great album from start to finish!  Musically, I feel it builds on Church’s previous albums.  You hear hints of past albums as he continues to push his music forward.

One of the things I appreciate most about this album is the different layers.  Every time I listen to it I’ll hear something new and different. It might be a guitar riff, tambourine, or background vocal… but they are all layered to perfection.

Eric Church carries the “country” label but I’d say this album is more of a country flavored rock album.  I could easily hear pop/rock standouts like Bob Seger, John Mellencamp, and Billy Joel doing versions of the songs found on the Mr. Misunderstood album.

There are even a few brief moments on the album that bring flashes of the Bee Gees and Michael Jackson to my mind.

Of the 10 tracks on the album, here are a few of the standouts for me:

Mr. Misunderstood – The title track speaks to the awkward teen in all of us.

Mistress Named Music – The lyrics start in church and it ends full circle with a gospel choir.

Mixed Drinks About Feelings – There’s a subtly to this song that really highlights Eric Church’s vocals… and the piano.  Susan Tedeschi’s part brings a nice female touch to the song.

Kill A Word – I love the premise and message of this song.  There are plenty of words I’d love to get rid of.

Record Year – This is an interesting play on words and a twist on the traditional “I’ve been dumped and I’m lonely” song.

3 Year Old – This ranks close to the top as one of my favorite songs on the album.  It walks the line between funny, thoughtful, and insightful.  It also makes me remember when my daughters were younger.  There’s certainly something in this song that any parent can relate to.

What’s your favorite song on Eric Church’s Mr. Misunderstood album?

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Whenever I hear a Guns N’ Roses song I’m instantly taken back to one particular Summer.  A Summer of hard work but one I look back on now with a smile.

I was 14 or 15 and a cousin and I contracted some acres of field corn to detassel.  I can’t remember how many acres or how much we were paid… but I remember it being a lot of money for a teen.

Detasseling is a long, hot, sweaty job.  You start at one end of the field walking to the other side removing all the tassels from the top of each corn plant.  Get to the other side and you start back doing the same thing in another modafinil brazilOn more than one occasion by the middle afternoon, under the hot sun, we were a little tired.  To keep us going we sang… the entire Guns N’ Roses Appetite For Destruction album… from start to finish.

The mental image of what we must have looked like seems funny to me now.  Two teens walking through an Iowa corn field singing rock songs. In a way… I kind of miss jobs and bonding experiences like that.

What I don’t miss is the corn cuts on my arms and closing my eyes to sleep at night and still seeing corn!

Did you detassel corn as a teen? What was your detasseling soundtrack?