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Memory Monday – The Cookbook

If you told me to picture a cookbook in my mind I could do it without even blinking.  I’d conjure up the vision of a red and white checkerboard pattern on a 3 ring binder type book.

Better Homes and Gardens Cookbook

Yep.  When I think of cookbooks I immediately think of the Better Homes and Garden Cookbook.

Pretty much every great cook I’ve ever known had one in their kitchen!  I remember seeing it in both my Grandma’s kitchens. There’s one in each of my Aunt’s kitchens.  My Mother-in-law has one.

Growing up it’s the one cookbook I remember in our house.

I think it’s an unwritten law that every newly married couple get a copy. My wife and I got one as a wedding gift and  it’s the first cookbook I check when I’m looking for a recipe.  I’ll even consult it first before going to the internet.

My oldest daughter has even started to use it.  She’s a big breakfast girl and I’ve seen her look for pancake, French toast, and omelette recipes.

What about you? Do you have a Better Homes and Gardens Cookbook?  Were you fortunate enough to inherit one from someone special?  Is it the one you’d think of if you were asked to picture a cookbook in your mind?

If you don’t have your own copy you can pick one up here on Amazon.

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Memory Monday – Butterscotch Candy

Every Sunday at Church I get a quick memory of one of my Grandmas… and it all centers around butterscotch candy.

Butterscotch and pepperming hard candy

Hidden away at the back of our Church is a secret stash of hard candy.  My friend Mike, who runs the AV equipment with me each Sunday, keeps it stocked.

Part of the mix is butterscotch candy.  The same candy my Grandma used to have at her house in one of two candy jars that were always out. One sat on the kitchen counter and the other was on the coffee table in the living room.

At times it would be a mix with peppermints and cinnamon discs but it almost always included butterscotch candies.  Now, whenever I have a butterscotch I’m transported back to my Grandparent’s house.

I see the pattern in the kitchen floor tile, the crescent moon cut into the door of the basement bathroom, and the fireplace and book shelf in the living room.

Then there’s the black rotary phone between the dining & living rooms,  their rocking chair, and the framed latch hook artwork of two Canadian geese above the fireplace.

It’s funny (and amazing) how a single piece of candy can bring back a flood of such vivid memories!

Is there a particular candy that takes you back to your Grandparent’s house?

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Memory Monday – A Soothing Song

Ever have one of those moments where you realize something for the first time and it knocks you back a bit? It happened to me just last week.  I was leaving a comment in my favorite forum and typed the words “and my oldest will be in High School next year”.

Boom! Writing those words and reading them back to myself was a shock to the system.  In less than a year I’ll be parenting a High Schooler.  It seems unreal.

The shock of that realization had me mentally backtracking to when she was a baby.  She always loved music but there was one particular song that was her favorite. One soothing song that would silence the loudest of her cries.

Baby and Guitar

Fortunately for my wife and I it wasn’t some silly song about a dinosaur, fruit salad, or wheels on a bus.  It was catchy song by an actual mainstream musician.  One who had had hit records and songs on the radio.

So, what song was it that calmed my daughter and didn’t annoy my wife and I?  It’s one about a stuffed bear.  The song was Return To Pooh Corner by Kenny Loggins.

What song do you remember calming your kids or grandkids down?

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