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Memory Monday – The Chicken That Wouldn’t Die

One of my favorite things about our Annual Family Reunion Camping Weekend is hanging out with my relatives around the campfire or picnic table.  There’s never a lack of food or conversation.

Over supper one night an Aunt of mine said she enjoyed my blog… especially some of the memories I’ve shared on Memory Monday. She reminded me of a story that I hadn’t thought of in years.

It’s one I’ll share with you now.

My Grandparents lived a few miles outside of my hometown.  Their house was at the center of a few mile stretch where a bunch of my relatives live.  The county road you took to get there passed by a farm that always had livestock running around. Sometimes close to the road.

Cows, goats, pigs, chickens… you never knew what you’d see when you drove by.  On one particular trip Mom missed seeing a chicken and hit it dead center with the car.

Brown Chicken

Being only two miles from my Grandparent’s house, she chose to drive on before assessing any damage.

When she got to their house the chicken was stuck in the grill… presumably dead.  She went inside to get my Grandpa to take care of it.

By the time he got to the car, the chicken (that wasn’t really dead), had managed to free itself from the car and was strutting around the yard.

I don’t remember what ever happened to that chicken but I do remember my cousins and I trying to hunt it down.  What a comical sight that must’ve been.  Several young boys with BB guns wandering the farm plotting to catch a chicken.

Good times… and a fun memory!

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Memory Monday – Throwing Rocks

Recently we had our Annual Family Reunion Camping Weekend.  It’s always a fun time filled with lots of family, great food, and fellowship.

Late one afternoon a bunch of us headed down by the lake.  The water level was considerably lower than in previous years and the thought was that we might find some cool rocks on the shoreline.

Rocky lake shorelineMy brother picked up a rock and skipped it across the top of the water.  One rock and one throw was all that was needed to take me back to when we were kids standing on the water’s edge of the quarry near our hometown.

When we were kids my Dad took my brother and I to that quarry from time to time.  It wasn’t a huge place. You could hike the trail around the entire water area in a half hour or so.  On one particular outing we stopped at a clearing and our Dad taught us how to skip rocks across the top of the water.

He showed us the best type of rock to look for and the way to throw it.  It was fun and a challenge to see how many “skips” we could get. That fun came to an abrupt end when all of a sudden I felt a thud on my head; right side near my ear.

In his efforts to throw a rock my brother had accidentally hit me. That was the end of the rock throwing on that day.  I was OK but had a knot on my head.

Seeing my brother skip a rock in present day brought that memory back.  I asked him, “Do you remember the time you hit me in the head when we were throwing rocks?”

“Like it was yesterday,” he replied.  We both laughed.  His response made believe that it really was an accident.  Back then I wasn’t so sure. 🙂

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Memory Monday – Video Games

I follow a lot of different bloggers and influencers online covering a lot of different topics.  Religion/spiritual, inspiration, comedy, technology, food, and family are the main topics of interest.

That’s probably partly why I chose to name this blog Faith, Family, and Technology.

The past few days there’s been a subject that keeps coming up with some regularity; Pokemon GO.  It’s an augmented reality video game that you play in the real world with your smartphone.

Not wanting to suffer from FoMO (fear of missing out) I downloaded the game a tried it out.  Within a matter of minutes I had captured my first Pokemon right outside my house!

First Pokemon GO capture

I’ll be honest.  I feel really lost trying to play the game but I’ll keep at it.  Look for an upcoming review of Pokemon GO from a parent’s perspective.  It might be a week or two away, though. I need to spend some more time playing before I can fully understand and explain it.

Since lately my focus has been on electronic games I’ve been thinking about my very first video game system.  It was the Atari 2600.  Perhaps you had one yourself or remember someone who did.

It’s the gaming system with the black joystick with a reddish orange trigger button.

I’d hate to count up the hours spent down in our basement playing that thing!  The graphics and gameplay pale in comparison to today’s video games but 35 years ago I really didn’t care.  I thought it was awesome.

Pole Position, Pitfall, Pac Man, Asteroids, Chopper Command… these were my favorites.

I remember one time working to get a high score on Chopper Command.  If you took a picture of your score and sent it in they sent you an official patch.

Now days the process would be easy.  You’d just snap the pic with your smartphone and email it in. The process could be done in a few minutes.

Back then it took time.  A lot more time.  You had to use an actual camera to take the picture.  Then you’d need to have the film developed.  If you were lucky and your picture turned out you’d put it in an envelope and mail it.

I remember working hard for and wanting that patch so bad.  Funny thing is I have no idea what ever happened to it.

What was your first video gaming system and favorite games on it?

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