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Memory Monday – Farm Equipment Obstacle Course

When it’s Fall in Iowa it’s kind of hard to not see farm equipment.  I’ve been seeing combines, tractors, and grain trucks on the roads, in the fields… and in my newsfeeds.

They all have me thinking about a fun game my cousins and I used to play at my grandparent’s house.  Back then, this story might’ve gotten us in trouble with my grandpa and uncles… but we’re all older now and the statute of limitations has probably run out. 😉

At my grandparent’s farm, there was a building called “the quonset”. It was a long metal building with a semi-circle cross-section.  This building housed all the farm equipment.

There were tractors, combines, planters, wagons, and more… all expertly tucked inside the building.  Their location inside was determined by the time of year.

My cousins and I turned all that farm equipment into an obstacle course.  The game was to start at one end of the quonset and get to the other end and back without touching the floor.  The only to do it was to climb on and over all the equipment.  Kind of like a giant farm jungle gym.

It was fun and kept us busy.  Looking back now I’m sure my grandpa and uncles knew what my cousins and I were up to.  They had to have seen several small shoeprints in the dust on the equipment the next time they moved it all.

What games did you play with your cousins?

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Memory Monday – Trick-Or-Treating

Happy Halloween!  It’s Beggar’s Night in our area.  The night for kids to dress up in costume and wander all about town, knocking on doors, and collecting as much candy as they can in the usual 2-hour time frame set for the yearly event.

I’ve written previously about my memories of Halloween costumes. You can find that post here. This time, I thought I’d share some trick-or-treating memories.

To be honest, I don’t recall much about trick-or-treating but there is one thing that sticks out most in my mind.  It’s my Grandma’s little notebook and pencil.

You see, every year we’d start out our trick-or-treating adventure at my grandparent’s house.  They’d want to see my brother’s and my costumes.  Every year my grandma would keep a tally of how many kids would stop by their house for treats.  At the end of the night, she could tell you how the night’s total compared to previous years.

Before we could go on our own, my brother and I would get impatient waiting for our parents to quit chatting with our grandparents.  My cousins usually stopped then too so aunts and uncles added to the conversation.  Us kids didn’t want to talk. We wanted to go. Their conversation was cutting into our treat collecting time!

When I got older and could go trick-or-treating with a group of friends I still remember hitting grandma and grandpa’s house early in the night… and I still remember Grandma adding a mark on her tally sheet for me and each of my friends.

What trick-or-treating memories do you have?

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Memory Monday – Wallets

There’s nothing that’ll make a little kid feel like a  grown up like that first wallet!  I’m guessing I was in 3rd grade when I got my first one.

It was a black wallet with velcro fasteners… and I thought it was cool.  I filled it with what little cash I had and tried to make it seem more impressive with my library card.

For a time in 5th grade, I moved on to what I thought at the time was the coolest wallet ever; a wrist/sweatband, watch, and wallet combination.  It was grey with blue terrycloth on the part that touched my wrist and had a zipper to open it to stash your cash.

Thinking back now, the idea of a wallet like that sounds somewhat silly.

By the time I hit high school I upgraded to a black leather wallet.  It didn’t have much cash in it and the library card was replaced by my driver’s license and ATM card.

In college, I experimented with a foldable money clip style wallet.  It worked but I never really did like it all that much.  These days, I carry a simple brown leather wallet.  It works but it’s nothing special.

So why the walk down wallet memory lane?  Well, I’ve been looking for a new one lately and stumbled across a style that I think should really be a perfect fit for me.  If everything goes according to plan I’ll be sharing a review and a chance for you to win one.

Did you think your first wallet was cool?

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