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A Little Sweat Clears Your Head

Yesterday was a bad day.  Not the kind of bad day I’ll remember a week, month, or year from now.  It was the kind where nothing seemed to go right.  The kind where you just want to throw your hands up and ask for a “do over”.

Fortunately, I wasn’t able to go straight home after work.  Otherwise I know I would have been cranky towards my wife and kids.  I had already committed to helping a friend out.  His family had moved to another state, are closing on the sale of their house later this week, and needed the lawn mowed.  Per his suggestion, I agreed to mow it in exchange for the snow blower he left behind.

The yard hadn’t been mowed yet this Spring and was really uneven. Some parts were really short.  In other parts the grass approached mid-calf to knee level.  I jokingly told my friend afterward that it was a good thing I liked him and hated to shovel snow because I was tempted to drive away when I saw how tall it was in places.

So I started to work on the lawn.  After the day I had I wasn’t in the mood to listen to the radio or podcasts.  So I mowed listening to the dull hum of the mower engine through my ear protectors.  For two hours I mowed, sweated, and let my mind wander.

It was the best thing I could have done.  The first half hour I’ll admit that I was still upset about my day but the more I worked all that faded away.  I started to think about my family and how blessed I am.  My thoughts drifted towards my blog and new ideas and goals I have for it.  I also thought about the podcast I’d like to start.

By the time I was done the stress of my day had been erased and replaced with a sense of accomplishment.

Freshly Mowed Lawn

Yesterday taught me that the best way to get over a bad day is with a little sweat and time to let my mind wander.

What are some ways you cope with a bad day?

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What’s Next?

As my blog slowly continues to evolve and grow I’m starting to ask myself, “What’s next?  Where do I go from here?”  Obviously, I want to keep blogging. It’s been a great outlet for me but I’ve been starting to wonder if I could branch out.

Given my more than two decades in radio and my love of podcasts starting my own podcast seems like the next logical step.  So, I’ve been researching what it would take to make it happen;  equipment I would need, time commitments, and lots of other little things.

There’s a lot to take in and learn but it certainly seems doable… yet I’m hesitant, although I’m not exactly sure why.  Perhaps it’s a fear of failure.   Starting something and then not being able to follow through would drive me crazy.  Having said that I’d hate to look back years from now wondering “what might have been.”

“You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take.” –Wayne Gretzky

As I’ve been hashing out “should I, could I, and how would I” there’s one quote from Arthur Ashe that keeps pushing me towards taking the leap:

“Start where you are.  Use what you have.  Do what you can.”

Although I’m not ready to commit to starting a podcast it is my next short-term goal.  That’s why I’m learning all I can and I’m asking for your input. Would you be interested in a 15 – 30 minute weekly podcast that complements this blog?  What kinds of things would you like to hear? I’ve got my own ideas but as a reader I value your thoughts. Send me an email ( or leave a comment.  I’d love to hear what you have to say.

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Family Mission Statement

It’s no secret that I love podcasts.  Some are great for learning new things.  Some I enjoy for their entertainment value and a couple I listen to because they tend to make me think.

I’ve written about this podcast before but one that definitely makes me think is “In The Loop” by New York Times Best Selling Author Andy Andrews.  His Podcast Episode 131 got my mind going again.  In it he talks about the benefits of having a “Family Mission Statement”.

What a neat idea! I had never heard of a family having a mission statement.  The Church we belong to has one.  Major corporations have them but I had never considered coming up with one for our family.

In the podcast Andy was careful not to share the mission statement of his family.  Not because he didn’t want others to know it.  He just didn’t want others to be influenced by it as they crafted their own. That’s understandable.

So now I’m thinking about all the things that we could include in a mission statement for my family.  What’s important to us?  What do we value?   How do we want to treat each other and our belongings? What about our work ethic?  Our faith?  These are all things that could be hashed out and included.

Creating a family mission statement will probably fill the dinner conversation for many meals… but I’m OK with that.  If the whole family creates it together there should be more “buy in” by everyone.

Have you ever known a family that had a mission statement?  Does your family have one?

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