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Weekly Verse – Flowers Fade

I love this time of year!  All the flowers popping up.  The corn poking through the dirt.  It’s all great to see.

Another thing I like about this time of year is all the flowering trees. They seem to become a ball of color overnight and then a short few weeks later the flowers fall and the colors go away.

That was the case for our backyard apple tree.  This year it was loaded with blossoms and was more fragrant than I ever remember.

Apple Blossoms

I could sit on our deck and smell it on the breeze. Here’s how our apple tree looked earlier this Spring.

Apple Tree Blossoms

Two weeks later the blossoms were gone.

Apple tree with no blossoms

I’ve also been enjoying our lilac bush the last few days too!


Last night after work I spent several minutes enjoying them. Watching the bees do their thing and smelling the lilacs was very relaxing.

Bee on a lilac bush

With flowering trees on my mind… this week I chose a Bible verse that really seemed to fit.  It’s a reminder that while things come and go and change… God and his love remains constant.  That’s very comforting.

The grass withers, the flower fades; but the word of our God will stand forever. – Isaiah 40:8 (NRSV)

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Garden Update

After not having a garden for several years we decided that this year we were going go grow one.  We got it started and are beginning to see some progress!

I really want it to be successful and not turn into a big square patch of weeds so I thought I’d post a garden update every so often.  That form of accountability should help keep me going.

Here’s how far we’ve come.  The garden started out in my mind… and covered in snow.

Garden in the Winter

Then, months later, we worked the dirt and planted a few things.

Garden worked up

Today we did some weeding and planted some green beans.

Garden View


Garden - Sweet Peas

Garden - tomatoes and peppers

So far we’ve planted potatoes, onions, cucumbers, pumpkins, sweet peas, jalapenos, radishes, tomatoes, and kohlrabi.

We planted spinach too but for some reason it didn’t grow. Today we planted green beans where the spinach was supposed to be.

After working in the garden we did some other planting.

Planting Flowers

Each year we like to plant a patch of zinnias by our driveway. They’re a great flower for kids to cut and put in a vase.  By the middle of summer they’ll be a permanent fixture on our dinner table.

So that’s how our garden is doing.  How’s yours.

Half the interest of the garden is the constant exercise of the imagination. - Mrs. C.W. Earle Click To Tweet
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Necessary Pruning

It was an absolutely awesome day today… both in weather and in productivity.  My youngest and I spent some time in our garden.

It was great to see little glimpses of progress. Like the onions that had sprouted and were poking through the soil.

Onions in garden sprouting

We took advantage of the nice weather and planted a few more things: peas, radishes, and spinach.

Seed Packets

I was pretty much hands off today letting my daughter get her hands in the dirt.

Planting Peas

Planting radishes

We also tackled a tough (and prickly) job… pruning and cleaning out our raspberries.  Each Spring it’s always a mix of new growth and dead stalks from the previous growing season.

Raspberries that need pruning

I’ve found it’s best to get in there early each Spring and cut out the dead parts and prune back the living parts right up to the last bud.

Raspberry bud

At first it might look a little extreme when it seems like you’re cutting out more than you’re leaving. My daughter said, “Geez, Dad! Why are you cutting so much?”

It gave me the opportunity to explain how pruning actually helps the plant. That by clearing away the dead unproductive parts it will allow the other parts to grow and thrive.

Cleaned out raspberry bushes

Explaining it to her got me to thinking about how our lives can be like raspberry bushes… full of parts that are alive and growing… but also held back by dead, unproductive parts.

It made me wonder what things in my life could be pruned to allow me to thrive.  Negative people, mindless TV shows, things I’ve committed to but my heart just isn’t in… I could think of several areas where I could do some personal pruning.

What about you? Are there things you need to prune?

“He cuts off every branch in me that bears no fruit, while every branch that does bear fruit he prunes so that it will be even more fruitful.”   John 15:2 (NIV)

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